Yoga Student Retention Tips

When we talk to yoga studio owners, they often tell us that they started a studio to share the benefits of a personal yoga practice with the support of a like-minded community. There’s a reason the word practice is so common in yoga. The rewards of practicing yoga build upon themselves over time, with consistent, loyal dedication.

Yoga Retention Guide

The same principle of practice applies to the business side of running a yoga studio. Your studio will see long-term benefits when it has a student retention practice in place, resulting in a loyal membership base. If you can integrate some simple student retention strategies into your day-to-day operations, just like a yoga habit, you’ll see long-term returns.

Research shows that it costs yoga studios 10 times more to attract a new student than it does to retain a current one. We talked to yoga studios to find out what they do to retain students and created a detailed guide with simple retention tactics you can begin implementing at your studio this week.

Get your copy of our guide, 5 Simple Ways to Improve Student Retention

One of the key tips we heard over and over is this: student loyalty is earned by making the student feel valued. Students prioritize the quality of the instruction, but they stay for the long-term because they have an emotional connection to your studio. In fact, the most loyal student may think of their teacher as a mentor, trusting them to guide the advancement of their practice.

Taking time to listen to students, guide them, send personalized notes and customize their experience to help them advance, can all help students feel connected.

The guide offers many more specific things you can do retain long-term students. Download the guide to see:

  • Key metrics you can use to measure student attrition
  • Easy ways to calculate and evaluate your inflow/outflow of students
  • Specific actions you can take to improve student experience
  • Tips for training your staff to offer exceptional service
  • Ways to make joining, paying and signing up for class effortless
  • Ideas for additional instruction to help your students reach the next level

Find out what you can do right now that will help your studio retain its valued students, and avoid the cost of replacing students who move on. Get your free copy today.

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