It inevitably happens. Sometimes our work life bleeds into our personal life. I love writing code for our software, and sometimes I get so excited about a new feature I am working on I work in between office hours.

But, on the other hand, I also often bring my girls to work with me when they are not in school. Zen Planner prides itself as being a family-friendly company and the kids’ playroom is stocked with movies, nerf guns, games and other fun stuff. No wonder my kids want to join me in the office. If fact, our team has dubbed my 2-year-old, “our littlest developer.

guy-on-bikeAs you might guess, my family means the world to me. And this summer, when they went with my wife to visit our family in Alabama for 18 days, I felt like I was in The Shining when the elevator doors open. I was completely and totally lost without my wife and children. 18 days may not seem long, but when you have a family addiction like I do it seems like an eternity.

The worst part about their absence, aside from how much I missed them was how it carried over into the office. My body was in the office, but my heart was elsewhere. However support came from the entire company.

  • I played racquetball with another developer one night and video games another night with our database administrator.
  • I spent one Sunday in a crowded bar watching a U.S. World Cup match with two support team members and one of our sales staff.
  • Every day, someone in the office asked me how I was doing, helped me count down the days until my family returned and distracted me from obsessively thinking about their absence.

Their kindness helped me through this difficult time.

I felt compelled to write this post because often companies may not be what they seem. Zen Planner is not just a family-friendly company. The people I work with at Zen Planner are family. Zen Planner is the real deal.

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