Cleared for Entry: HIPAA Compliant temperature screening. Now Integrated with Zen Planner

About Welld Health

Reopening requires new protocols and processes. It’s overwhelming to know the right way to keep members safe while getting people back in your business.

With daily membership syncs, you dont have to worry about updating two systems. Let Welld + Zen Planner help you manage your COVID-19 screenings.

3 easy steps keep members safe without the headache of paperwork.

1.) Set up a temperature check-in station at your door.

2.) Use Welld to record temperatures. Now you have digital records for consistency and quick access for health audits.

3.) See your members enjoy their visit to your facility. You kept them safe by providing health screening.

Why Welld Health?

As facilities re-open and implement health screening to keep their members and staff safe, they are looking for a way to manage this sensitive information, especially if they need to prove to health officials that they are screening all members that come into the facility. 

Welld Health has built a solution called Cleared for Entry that allows customers to establish a health check screening area of each facility and HIPAA compliant process to record temperatures and symptoms.

Ensure staff screen everyone

• Easily record temperatures and answers to screening questions.

• Visitors, Members, Staff – anyone who enters the facility.

• For members, Welld matches screenings with check-ins to notify you if a member slips past the screening station.

HIPAA Compliant

• Welld Health is a HIPAA and SOC-2 Type II compliant platform for storing health data.

• Although HIPAA rules are not specific regarding COVID-19 screenings, privacy and security should be used in all screening processes.

Any Device, Anywhere

• Welld is browser-based software, fully responsive to any screen size.

• Use it on a laptop at a dedicated screening station, or on a tablet on the go for camps and lessons.


Our Fitness Business Experts are ready to show you Zen Planner’s custom system.


Our Fitness Business Experts are ready to show you Zen Planner’s custom system.