10 Reasons Your Fitness Business Must Have a Website

There are many different reasons fitness business owners try to do without a website. Sometimes it’s a tight startup budget or the mistaken assumption that a social media presence will be enough. Other times it’s that they’re uncomfortable with technology and don’t now how easy and affordable a great website can be. The problem is, no matter why a fitness business owner decides to forgo a website, they soon realize it’s the wrong decision.

In this day and age, where nearly 90% of consumers use an internet search to make a purchase decision, launching and running a business without a website is a foolish endeavor. Check out the 10 top reasons why you can’t afford to not have a website

1). Drive Lead Generation

The single best way to convert leads is through a website. With forms, landing pages and calls-to-action, you’re able to guide your website visitors through the decision-making process and into your gym.

2). Offer Member Self-Service

With a simple integration of your website and member management software, your members will have self-service functionality, like the ability to pay for their membership, change their contact information and replace their expired credit cards. You’ll also be able to embed your class schedule into your website, so members can see the most up-to-date class information and reserve their spots before they arrive.

Post your class schedule on your website

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3). Run Targeted Marketing

When combined with a strategic search engine marketing program, website give you the ability to get your business in front of your target audience. By driving relevant organic and paid traffic to your site, you can connect with and convert highly interested prospective members.

4). Answer Questions

Websites provide all the information a potential member will need. From your address, phone number, rates, instructor bios and class times to your FAQs, everything is stored and access in one easy-to-find location.

Show off your coaches on your website.

5). Build Credibility

Websites create credibility and legitimacy. After all, people have grown to expect that a legitimate business will have a website. If prospects search for your website but can’t find one, they’ll begin to question if you exist.

6). Educate Members

By actively blogging, you can provide an added service to current and prospective members. Blog about topics such as nutrition, training tips, techniques, healthy lifestyles and recommended supplements to help members get the most out of training with you. Plus, blogging is great for SEO!

7). Social’s Not Enough

Even though it’s easy to think a Facebook page can serve as your online presence, social media is not enough. There are segments of your target audience who don’t use social media, and besides, you don’t own the content you post on your social pages. If at any time a social network changes their policies, shuts down your account or loses popularity and becomes obsolete, you’re stuck without recourse. But with a website, all content is yours, and you’re in complete control of what you share and how you use it.

8). 24-Hour Availability

Websites are available 24 hours a day, even if you’re not. Prospects can find the information they need to answer their questions, and even sign up for their first class, even when you’re not answering the phone.

9). Share Success Stories

Websites give you a place to share powerfully persuasive reviews and testimonials. After all, you know people want to see that you can give them results, and there’s no better place to share reviews and testimonials than on your website.

10). Sell Retail

Websites give you an e-commerce platform so you can sell more of your logo T-shirts and other retail merchandise.

Running a business without a website is like working out six days a week but eating fast food for every meal. Sure, you can do it. But you’ll be working harder than you have to for poor results. Sooner or later you’ll be highly frustrated with your wasted time and effort and need to go back and do things the right way.

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