3 Steps to Building a Quality Gym Website Template

One of the first steps to creating an amazing website for your fitness business is choosing the perfect gym website template. The template can be a make or break for websites, as it can impact usability, ongoing maintenance, updates and ultimately, conversions. When the Zen Planner website team designed our website templates, we kept the following key features in mind.

1. Start with a strong platform.

Without a strong foundation, your website will crumble. Parts of your website may break, pages won’t load, images may not appear or the entire website may crash. When a prospective member lands on a broken website, they are less likely to stay.

Zen Planner gym website templates are built on WordPress, which is the world’s most popular content management system (CMS). This platform is regularly updated to maintain a functioning foundation for all our Integrated Websites.

2. Design clean, professional and user-friendly template options.

Perhaps you are a gym owner searching for a good design for your website. And you might be wondering what makes a good gym website? Or a martial arts website? Or a fitness studio website? How on earth do you design a good website for your business?

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Starting with a blank canvas is scary, and unfortunately not everyone is a designer.

But, we’ve created a solution. You want your gym website template to be clean, meaning you will not find extra bells and whistles. Why? Bells and whistles might look cool, but what value are they adding to your website or to your business?

Will a website with a bunch of flashy features lead to more conversions? It’s possible. But adding extra accessories to your website might overwhelm or frustrate your prospective visitors and turn them away.

Keeping the design clean makes your website and your business more professional. Your website visitors can easily find the information they’re looking for like your membership options, the programs that you offer or how they can reach out and contact you.

3. Create a template that integrates seamlessly with Zen Planner’s software.

Our templates were built with Zen Planner’s software in the forefront of the framework. The templates include pages for you to include your membership options, class schedule, request info forms, lead capture widgets, online appointment booking options and free trial offers. And, if you happen to not use all these features, you don’t have to include every single one. You only include what makes the most sense for how you run your business.

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