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I was visiting a customer who was getting ready for his grand opening of his fitness business. He was clearly excited, yet nervous at the same time. His website construction was behind, his build out had just been completed, and he was within a week of his grand opening.

Sound familiar? With so many things to do in the life of a gym owner, preparing for a grand opening is just one of many hurdles you face.

As we talked, I asked him if he had done any presale promotions to prepare for opening day. “Actually,” he said, “I could use some help. I am behind on my website, but I have my Facebook page. Can I use that to acquire customers?”

Facebook is unique in that just about any business can set up a page for free and begin promoting their business within minutes. And as a Zen Planner customer, a business owner is able to take advantage of several easy tactics to acquire leads.

facebook for leads in zen planner Zen Planner allows a fitness business owner to embed lead acquisition or inquiry forms right on their Facebook page. Within minutes, we were able to set up a page to “Try a Free Class” for his grand opening event. When he posted in his Facebook feed information about the free class, leads started coming in as friends and friends of friends started to sign up.

For nothing more than the investment of time, a Facebook page and Zen Planner business management software, you can be well on the way to more prospects and converted customers through simple lead acquisition forms. [clearfix]

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