Understanding Community with John Burch

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Community. It’s a word that’s commonly thrown around in the world of affiliate gyms. Many define it as a group of individuals doing the same thing, but as the owner of a box, you realize that it’s much more than that.

Our good friend John Burch of The BIZ talks about the importance of understanding community, introduces the acronym EDSO and provides tips on how to make the community at your gym stronger for better results. Watch the video below to discover how you can develop raving fan quality among your valued members.

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john burch ceo of the bizGuest Post by John Burch, Founder and CEO of The BIZ

After starting a business at the tender age of 20, John studied at the feet of masters to understand the process of business transformation. Eventually he turned his business around and went on to start The BIZ. The BIZ has coached over 500 business owners, mostly CrossFit and other fitness studios.

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