The Importance of Responsive Design for Your Gym’s Website

Switching to Zen Planner

Switching to Zen Planner

As we have previously noted, responsive design means a website looks good and performs well on mobile and tablet devices in addition to desktops. Simply put, responsive design allows your website to automatically adapt to the screen it is being used on, regardless of the device. In 2019, responsive design is essential for your gym’s website.

First impressions are everything.

First impressions are critical in most industries, but especially in the fitness industry. Rather than your front desk, your online presence is now likely to be a prospect’s first impression. Responsive web design improves the user experience and simply looks better, which leads to a positive view of your gym.

There is a difference between “mobile friendly” and “responsive”.

A mobile-friendly website, as its name suggests, will look good on mobile devices. However, when viewed on devices with higher resolution, it may appear “glitchy” and be difficult to use. Contrarily, responsive design allows your website to adapt to any screen it’s being viewed on.

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Responsive design affects SEO, and most local business searches are on a mobile device.

Google has recently updated its algorithm (which determines where a website will appear in search results) to “mobile first indexing”. What this means is Google determines its rankings on how well your site performs from a mobile perspective. Furthermore, 88% of searches for local businesses (within five miles of the searcher) occur on a smartphone.

You should expect responsive design from your website management source.

If you run your own website, most website management platforms host themes you can install that are already responsive. If you contract a website designer and your page isn’t currently responsive, this is likely an update you would have to pay your designer for.

If your website was designed by Zen Planner, your website already has a responsive design and will look great on any device!

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