4 Ways Blogging Adds Value to Your Website

Generate quality leads with your website

Generate quality leads with your website

Blogging can increase the value of your website through content that provides value to your blog readers. Here are four ways that you can make sure that you are maximizing the value of your website with your blog:

Fresh Content

Why does fresh content add value to your website? Because…Google.

Google rewards websites that regularly publish updated content with a higher search ranking.

Now, most of your website pages (ex. Home, About Us, Programs, Schedule) act as the foundation of your website content. And these pages shouldn’t need frequent updates. However, a blog is the perfect outlet for consistently keeping your site updated with fresh content.

If you’re worried that consistent blogging means posting every day, don’t be. A regular blog posting schedule should be realistic for you, your business, and your schedule. For example, your perfect blog posting plan might be one or two new posts each month.

Once you know what works best for you, do your best to stick to whatever you come up with.

Better First Impressions

Your website is sometimes the first impression a prospect gets of your business.

And your blog is where you can improve that first impression. Unfortunately, there is also a possibility that your blog can hurt that first impression.

Imagine that you land on a website, and after clicking around a few pages, you find yourself on the blog. You’re probably expecting to see what’s happening and get a better feel for the community.

But instead, what you find on this blog is that the most recent post is from 2015, and the content is promoting an outdated membership special. Not knowing anything else about this business, you’d probably leave the site and go in search of something that looks more up to date.

Use your blog to strengthen how prospects view your business. Publish posts about the benefits your programs provide. Feature your community with member spotlights and coach profiles. Let people get to know your business. And, make sure you update regularly. (See tip #1.)

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Shareable Content

Not only does creating high-quality blog posts add value to your website, but it also gives you something worthwhile to share on your social media channels.

Once members and prospects see a Facebook or Instagram post worth sharing with their network, they’re helping you increase traffic back to your website. With each blog post, you’re creating more opportunities for new visitors to make their way to your site.

With more traffic comes the opportunity to capture more leads and grow your business.

Quality Calls to Action

Blog posts can set the scene for a compelling call to action. Just make sure that the calls to action that you include in your blog posts naturally fit in with your blog topics.

Let’s say you’re a martial arts school. You create a blog post about the unexpected benefits of participating in martial arts. At the end of the post, you include a helpful link to your website’s Contact page.

Ideally, if someone likes what they read in your blog post, they might want to learn more about experiencing these benefits firsthand. And with a call to action, you’ve provided an easy way to get in touch with your martial arts school.

Do your best to create a natural flow between your blog content and the call to action. Crafting a great blog post and then throwing in a link to sign up for a membership might make people ignore your CTA altogether. Or worse, the whole post suddenly becomes a sales pitch, and you wind up losing potential leads.

Posting fresh, quality, and shareable blog content is like making regular deposits into a savings account. Over time, both your blog and website become more valuable assets for you to attract new prospects to your business.

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