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Dogs of Zen Planner

It’s true, our staff is an active bunch. We have runners, climbers, skiers, yogis, and gymnasts galore. The list could go on and on. Our team bleeds passion for activities from all different disciplines and backgrounds. Just as varied are our furry friends! Our dogs are truly our best friends, so much so that they make a daily appearance in the Zen Planner office. Take a moment to meet the Dogs of Zen Planner and see how they stay active with us.

Abby Mae
Age: 9Abby_Kim
Breed: Yorkshire Terrier
Bio: Abby is a small but mighty Yorkie, with a larger then life personality. Don’t let her size fool you. Her favorite activities include swimming, standup paddle boarding and rolling in the mud. She also loves to go shopping with mom in her Vera Bradley doggy purse. While at Zen Planner, you will find Abby sitting on our desks, in the beanbag chair or in the lobby on the chairs supervising everyone’s lunchtime. Abby is definitely a mamas girl, but will steal your heart once you get to know her!
– Kimberly G., QA Engineer

Age: 8
Breed: Great PyreneesBear_Kim
Bio: Bear is 125 lbs of pure FURY! Oh actually I mean fur, pure fur. He will win any napping contest that confronts him, and never turns down a meal. He has high energy bursts anywhere from 3 to 5 minutes at a time. If you’re lucky, he may be seen sprinting, but don’t hold your breath. He enjoys activities like wandering, swimming, wandering some more, couch lounging, and especially getting massages. His favorite food is Taco Bell and his least favorite food is nothing. He loves humans more than dogs, but he wont turn down a new friend.
– Kimberly G., QA Engineer

Age: 1Addie_Niko
Breed: Border Collie Mix
Bio: I was a bit of an accident… Mom and Dad got me from the Denver Dumb Friends League when I was a puppy. They were looking for a larger buddy for my brother (Hudson), but I was just too cute and they had to take me home. It can take me a while to warm up to people, but once I do I can be a very loyal and goofy dog. If I like you, you’ll know by my high-pitched scream and sideways walk/run/dance when I see you.
– Niko D., Retention Manager

Age: 6
Breed: Catahoula MixHudson_Niko
Bio: I’m a rescue dog from the island of Oahu. I had a lot of health issues and my leg was injured when they found me. They think I was attacked by a wild boar, but I’m still here so you tell me who won that fight! My parents took me in from the SPCA 3 years ago. They helped me get better and learn to socialize with people. Now I LOVE people, and chances are you can’t keep me from giving you sneak attack kisses or trying to lay on your lap. I may be 6 now but don’t think that slows me down at all. My favorite activities include playing catch, playing in streams, going for rides and laying on the couch next to dad while he watches hockey.
– Niko D., Retention Manager

Annie and BarryAnnie_Barry_Emma
Age: 2 and 8 months
Breed: Golden Retriever Mix and Lab mix
Bio: Hi, we are Annie and Barry. We are best friends and do anything and everything together. Some of our favorite things include: chasing rabbits, going on walks and trying to sneak treats.
– Emma C., Marketing Operations Intern


Avalanche (Avy)
Age: 3Avy_Wes
Breed: Alaskan Chihuahua (AKA Siberian Husky)
Bio: Avalanche is an adventurous snow dog at heart. From standing at the top of cornices while backcountry skiing to swimming through rapids and waterfalls after her dad, Avy does not shy from danger. Her favorite things are snow hikes, cheese and her baby dragon. If you want to steal Avy’s heart, give her a piece of bacon (but make sure to pretend to shoot her with your hand and make gun sounds so she plays dead).
– Wes M., Market Development Representative

Age: 13
Breed: BeagleBailey_Nichole
Bio: Born on Friday the 13th, Bailey had a tough start pointing to bad luck. She had hookworms, kennel cough and a broken toe. But Bailey’s luck changed when she was rescued from a puppy mill in Oklahoma and brought to Colorado to meet me and her new family. Since then Bailey has excelled in treat sniffing and tracking, as beagles do. In her youth, Bailey tracked and chased squirrels and birds and traumatized her mom when she caught them. Bailey has traveled a lot over the years, but especially loves visiting the mountain farms of Colorado to check on the cows.
– Nichole O., Account Manager

Age: 1
Breed: Lab MixBirdy_Nichole
Bio: From the plains of Oklahoma, a star was born. Birdy, a rare Dogote*, quickly found her calling as a sheep wrangler, where she excelled and competed with much older and experienced dogs. She became the youngest “Top Dog” (think Top Gun) in Oklahoma history! She achieved everything she had wanted but something was missing… a family. Leaving behind all the glitz and glam, she came to Colorado, a place known for loving dog families. Now she spends her happy days relaxing and eating poop and rarely thinks about the life she left. *Part Dog Part Coyote
– Nichole O., Account Manager

Age: 2
Breed: Yellow LabBasil_Kelsey
Bio: I’ve had Basil (after the herb, not the Brit) since she was 10 weeks old and I’m not sure what I’d do without her; she has to live forever. She’s spent most of her two years in the high Rockies and she’s the perfect adventure dog – she skis, swims, hikes and mountain bikes (especially if you command her to ‘get on the fun train’), but her true passion is chasing rabbits. She’s sweet with everyone from strangers to babies to old people, and she sleeps until 11 on the weekends. I’m so lucky she’s mine.
– Kelsey S., Customer Advocate Team Lead

Age: 4
Breed: Yellow LabBelle_Tiffany
Bio: Belle is a fun loving pup who enjoys every bit of living in the great state of Colorado. From running around on her family’s ranch in Meeker, to chillin’ at a local brewery, Belle is always up to something fun. While this pup enjoys her adventures, she’s also a big fan of rest. There’s a good chance you’ll find her cuddled up on a comfy bed any night of the week.
– Tiffany H., SEM Specialist

Brutus (AKA Skee-Bub)
Age: 4
Breed: King Charles Cavalier SpanielBrutus_Katie
Bio: Brutus was born in New York City, but moved to Denver in 2013. At a spritely four years young, Brutus traded out Brooklyn sidewalks for Colorado trails. The B-Man LOVES hiking and camping, but his most favorite activity above anything else is swimming. Brutus can be found splashing in the local reservoirs when the weather warms or paddling in our bathtub at home – he is not picky when it comes to his aqua sports. When Brutus isn’t enjoying the outdoors, he absolutely loves snuggles with his parents, playing with his feline sisters, and noshing on sticks & leaves.
– Katie J., Senior Sales Executive

Age: 8
Breed: Yellow Labrador RetrieverMegs
Bio: Loves: Food, chewing on wood and swimming. A vicious being in her own mind, Butterfinger strikes fear into the heart of many a kibble. Enjoys barking with toys in her mouth. Nickname: Butters. Dislikes: Not getting breakfast on time. She will follow you relentlessly until her meal is served.
– Megan M., Onboarding Coach

Age: 10
Breed: Beagle / Shepherd Mix
Bio: Loves: Mommy, daddy and tennis balls. A true mommas boy and once owned by daddy, Charlie’s natural talent is following his mother anywhere and everywhere. Enjoys naptime on laps. Nickname: Mr. Charles. Dislikes: Bath time and nail clipping days. Will run away at the site of the garden hose.
– Megan M., Onboarding Coach

Age: 8
Breed: Great Dane
Bio: Loves: Sleeping, sticking her face in your face and staring you down until you react with lovies and receiving lovies on her head. Forget the body, the head is all that matters. Enjoys caring for babies. Nickname: Nanna. Dislikes: Anything that moves. Her bark is threatening. Beware, you rustling leaves!
– Megan M., Onboarding Coach

Age: 6 months
Breed: Boston Terrier / Dachshund MixCarl_Matt
Bio: Carl, weighing in at just 15lbs, was the largest of his litter of tiny mutant-mutts. On walks, strangers love to guess – “he must be part beagle”, “he looks just like my border collie” or “he’s got to have some husky in him.” The world may never know. What we do know is that Carl loves sprinting with the big dogs at the park, romping in snow and snuggling. Carl wants nothing more than to be chewing a toy on your lap or leg. He loves giving kisses, and has a notoriously long and accurate tongue. You’ve been warned.
– Matt S., Product Manager

Chewbacca (Chewy)
Age: 3
Breed: GoldendoodleChewbacca_Emily
Bio: Chewbacca was originally named after his resemblance to the Heroic Wookie Male Warrior, but you might know him better as the internet sensation of “Dog-Chews-Through-Door.” Reaching celebrity status, Chewbacca often proves his ability to rip through “indestructible” rope toys, shoes, crates and— you guessed it — doors (yes, plural). His mother often regrets naming him Chewy, but at this point, nothing else would suit him. When he isn’t winning at the internet, Chewy enjoys “playing” with bunnies, eating entire sticks of butter from the table and laying on top of you for hours. Chewbacca can sit, lay, shake and wink — but only rarely on command.
– Emily J., Onboarding Coach

Age: 7 months
Breed: Black English Labrador RetrieverCrosby_Kona_Jeff
Bio: As described by my daughter, Kyla, “Crosby is sweet and full of energy. If you throw a ball, off she goes – it’s play time. Crosby is like a typical puppy, chews on every thing she can find, especially Kona. Her favorite past times are breaking through fences, jumping on the sofa and trying to disguise herself as a lap dog.”
– Jeff G., CEO

Age: 6
Breed: Yellow English Labrador Retriever
Bio: As described by my daughter, Kyla, “Kona is sweet and mellow. She enjoys her belly rubs and naps in the sun. Kona loves food so much she once jumped on the table and ate napkins thinking it was food. If you try to play fetch with Kona it doesn’t work out so well. We call her our Labrador Leaver. You throw a toy she walks over, sniffs it, then walks away. Her current favorite activity is showing her new sister, Crosby, the ropes.”
– Jeff G., CEO

Age: 5
Breed: Rhodesian Ridgeback / Pit Bull MixGibson_Lauren
Bio: Gibson is half-monster, half-Ridgeback, half-cat that acts like he’s a toddler. Rescued at 7 weeks, when he was found in a back alley in rural Illinois, he spent his first three years making his way in the concrete jungle of Chicago. There he developed a pronounced fear of loud trains, skateboards and stockbrokers in pinstriped suits. A natural Coloradan, Gibson is happiest when summiting the Flatirons, melting in the sun and snarfing ice cream at Little Man in LoHi. When he’s not busy impersonating Chewbacca, you can find Gibson cuddling under a warm blanket and watching movies with his owners.
– Lauren H., Account Manager

Age: 7parker_grayham_Sandy
Breed: Shepherd Mix
Bio: If Grayham went to high school, he would have been voted Most Sensitive or Most Awkward. His favorite hobbies are digging and hugging. In Grayham’s spare time, he volunteers as a therapy dog with Denver Pet Partners.
– Sandy H., Customer Advocate

Age: 9
Breed: Toy Australian Shepherd
Bio: Once a reclusive hermit, Parker has evolved into somewhat of a social butterfly after a brush with death. He is retired from bike chasing and enjoys spending his time rolling around in dirt, leaves and anything stinky.
– Sandy H., Customer Advocate

Age: 1
Breed: Poodle / French MastiffHarvey_Kinnick
Bio: Harvey Douglas (yes, he has a middle name) is a shy 1 year-old who looks like he’s 90. We joke that he has Benjamin Button disease. But it’s true, he’s an old soul in a puppy’s body. His most distinguished features are his emotional light eyes that let you know exactly how he’s feeling and huge paws that make it look like he’s swimming when he runs. His favorite game is chase and favorite toy a squeaky space ship. He is fondly known as Snuggly Bear, Monster, Harv and Harvis.
– Kinnick W., Senior Marketing Manager

Hooligan (AKA Noodle)
Age: 1Hooligan_Jeff
Breed: Reservation Mutt (Probably some mastiff, tiger and goat)
Bio: Hooligan is a total love bug. He’s never met a human or animal (especially other dogs) he doesn’t like and will greet all with either a butt-wiggling tail wag or by going belly up for some rubs. His other favorite things are naps, food and naps. He doesn’t understand toys, fetch or sleeping in.
– Jeff R., Senior UX Designer

Age: 7
Breed: Lab / Derp MixHudson Taylor_Heather
Bio: Hudson was born in Louisiana and dropped by the side of a road in a box with the rest of his brothers and sisters. Soon after being rescued, he hit the adoption jackpot and was driven up to Boston to live on the beach. When he was 2 he joined his human in a cross country move to Denver where he spends his days basking in the Colorado sun, squirrel hunting and obsessively chasing tennis balls. He is a very sweet but awkward mama’s boy!
– Heather M., Director of Customer Success

Age: 10
Breed: Golden Retriever / Bulldog / Model Mix
Bio: Taylor (aka Tay) was born in Delaware, spent her formative years in Maryland and moved to Colorado with her human when she was 5. Taylor is the happiest dog on the planet and greets everyone she sees by showing them her favorite toys. She lives for going on walks and rides in the car. She models in her free time and her favorite thing to say is “I’m Tay!”
– Heather M., Director of Customer Success

Age: 5Untitled design (5)
Breed: German Shepherd
Bio: Lakota is a kind, curious and loving German Shepherd. At home, when he’s not terrorizing his toys, he is standing guard at the window or on the balcony greeting neighbors as they go by. He also loves chasing flies around the yard and exploring new routes on walks throughout the neighborhood. Lakota is always looking forward to his next trip to the office.
– Josh K., Customer Advocate

Age: 1
Breed: BoxerLambeau_Mike
Bio: Lambeau embodies the phrase “There are two sides to every coin”. When around the house he usually does one of three things: sleep in his bed, sleep on people or sleep on wood chips in the sun. However, as soon as he steps one foot out into the world, he is a whirling dervish of energy with an insatiable appetite. Whether he is sprinting around the mountain trails of Colorado, dumpster diving at Zen Planner, eating twigs and grass or doing his best to lick every new person/animal he comes across, he will not stop until he is back home in his chill zone.
– Mike R., Onboarding Manager

Age: 8
Breed: BoxerLoki_Cody
Bio: Loki is a big lovable teddy bear! As a large white Boxer, he is very unique. Because of these traits he is often mistaken for an American Bulldog or a Mastiff mix. Loki loves attention — no, REQUIRES attention — and can be quite vocal if he thinks you aren’t living up to his affection expectations. He gets along great with other dogs, but due to his size and his Boxer nature of planting his paws into you with all his weight (he’s playing or showing love), other dogs can be falsely intimidated by this gentle giant. As mean as he looks, he wouldn’t harm a fly, even if the fly was eating all his food and kicking him out of his own bed.
– Cody M., Sr. Systems Analyst, Scrum Master

Age: 6
Breed: Siberian HuskyLoki_Chris
Bio: I got Loki when he was 8 weeks old from a sled team breeder in Michigan. After raising him in Ohio during my early 20’s we moved to Colorado with my 2 other animals, a dog named Shadow and a cat named Sassy. Shortly after moving, I temporarily placed Loki and the others in a home while I tried to find a place for us to all live. After some time, the animals began to sense abandonment. Loki was particularly worried and decided to head out on a mission to find me. The animals traveled through the rocky, mountainous, wilderness of the Colorado, with Loki leading by instinct. After a series of adventures, and over a length of time, we are reunited. Shadow went on to tell us how it was Loki’s hope and guidance that brought them home.

Just kidding…that was the plot to Homeward Bound. He just likes hiking and dog stuff.
– Chris M., Senior Sales Executive, Scrum Master

Age: 3
Breed: Labrador / Golden Retriever / Chow Chow MixLouie_Kathleen
Bio: Louie came to us as a very shy rescue puppy at 7 weeks. Providing Lou with a safe place to play, meet new friends, and show off his fashionable tie, Zen Planner really brought out his personality. He continues to surprise us with his quirky personality to this day! Louie is still skeptical of things like scooters, eyeglasses, and Matthew McConaughey car commercials. He loves sunbathing, his baby bear, eating snow, and chasing butterflies. He is happiest when he is with his family camping, hiking in the mountains, swimming or diving after tennis balls. Louie has truly made our family complete!
– Kathleen H., Customer Advocate Team Lead

Age: 3Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 11.16.44 AM
Breed: Australian Shepherd Mix
Bio: Marlowe is a mutt, rescued from a “ruff” life in New Mexico. Her favorite activities include belly rubs, hiking any Colorado mountain, running from the vacuum, playing hide and seek, and burping after meals. Marlowe is an extremely loyal dog and the best friend a girl could ask for.
– Kelly M., Marketing Specialist

Age: 2
Breed: Siberian HuskyOdin_Holly
Bio: True to the hyper nature of a husky, Odin only operates at full speed (as evidenced by 2 ACL and 1 meniscus surgery to date). Odin’s hobbies include trips to the dog park, playing hide and seek with the cat and naps on the couch. Favorite snacks include zucchini, carrots and cheese.
– Holly G., Customer Advocate


Age: 4Pepper_Nicole
Breed: Mini Dachshund
Bio: Pepper is a rotund bundle of joy who loves cuddling, treats, bones and guarding her bed from fellow Zen Planner pups. She’s the OG office fave, up against some newcomers that keep her on her toes to earn the love with lots of tail wagging and wiggling.
– Nicole K., Director of Finance

Age: 14 weeks
Breed: Dachshund / Retriever MixReggie_Eric
Bio: Reggie was rescued in January 2016 and spent 90% of his first few weeks at home sleeping. He has since matured into a tiny tornado of energy, and enjoys channeling his enthusiasm into activities his parents appreciate far less than sleeping. He loves the first few seconds of fetch, followed by a game we have dubbed “come back here, this isn’t fun for anyone else!” Reggie also championed the next craze in dog sports – hot coffee sneak attack! The object of this game is to launch your entire body at the face of an unsuspecting person drinking a hot beverage – extra points are awarded if they are wearing nice clothes or are sitting on unstained furniture.
– Eric B., Product Manager

Ruby and Milo
Age: Both 3
Breed: Australian Cattle Dog and VizslaRuby_Milo
Bio: These twinsie redheads were rescued together out of the Humane Society of South Platte Valley at the ripe age of 8 weeks old. In their early days they loved to chew on baseboards, cabinets and pretty much everything else that you do not want a dog to chew on in a rental apartment. They learned to hike, swim and love being outside. As the twins entered their second year of life, they became older and wiser. They kicked their chewing habits and learned to appreciate the simple things in life. Belly scratches, midday naps and watching TV became their favorite pastimes. Going outside is still enjoyable, but not when cars or strange dogs are around. Milo decided cars are the devil and no good comes from them. Ruby learned that strange dogs are all out to get you, so you MUST get them first. This makes trips to the dog park much more of an adventure. Despite all of this, they are still lovable dogs with beautiful souls (yes, redheads can have souls).
– Kelsey B., Account Manager

Age: 3
Breed: Mini Pinscher / Chihuahua MixShiloh_Liz
Bio: My name is Shiloh Huff Thompson. I love people; especially ones that give my lots of snuggles, long walks, treats, bully sticks and long sun naps. I also really love telling my parents what I want by ringing the bell at the door – no matter what I want – treats, a walk, to go outside, dinner or even a bully stick. I will keep ringing it until I get what I want. On the other hand, I am quite the ham and snuggle bug, especially with the ladies. If you have a lap, I will find it and give you love. Oh yes, one more thing and you can’t make fun of me… I have a girly voice when I play.
– Liz T., Customer Advocate

Age: 1
Breed: Mini Pinscher / Chihuahua MixSierra_Liz
Bio: My name is Sierra Julep Thompson. I’m a dainty little girl that had a rocky start. When I was 2 months old, I came in off the streets with a little broken leg. And now I am scared…of a lot of things. I love my parents because they adopted me and gave me a safe space. I can be a crazzzzy, wiggly and playful little girl. I love my humans. I love my toys. I love my big brother. Treats? I don’t really care about them, unless they are fresh meat, then I’m there. At the end of the day, I just love my family and my apartment. I will eventually like you, but it may take a little time. Oh, and did I mention I coo when you snuggle me hard?
– Liz T., Customer Advocate

Age: 1
Breed: French BulldogUte_Connie
Bio: Named after my favorite hiking trail in Aspen, Colorado, Ute is far from an outdoor hiking kind of dog. Instead, he adamantly sits on the East side of the couch every morning waiting for the sun to rise and then bathes in it for hours. This is not to discount his playfulness; Ute loves playdates, fetch at the dog park and running wild at daycare. He prefers to explore the world with his nose, cuddling in laps and proudly owns the best/worst snore in the house.
– Connie L., Onboarding Coach

Wesson and Remington
Age: 4 and 2Wesson and Remi
Breed: American Field Labrador Retriever and English / American Field Labrador Retriever Mix
Bio: Brothers from another mother (really, they have the same dad). Remi and Wes are inseparable, although their personalities could not be more opposite. Wesson is always high energy and the instigator of the two. Remi on the other hand loves to cuddle – weighing in at a solid 110 lbs he still thinks he’s a lap dog. These two will entertain each other for hours.
– Meg H., Operations & Analytics Manager

Age: 2
Breed: Flat-coated Retriever MixWoody_Phil
Bio: Woody loves other dogs, his mom and dad, literally anyone who visits his house, hiking, splashing – but not swimming – in water, dog parks, single track, begging for food and taking naps – preferably at the same time as his dad. He hates cars, the vet and being left behind for an adventure. Woody’s talents include graduating from obedience schools, but not retaining the obedience, stealing his mom’s side of the bed, and knocking on doors with his paws to go out, get back in, show his mom and dad where the treats are, and let you know he wasn’t pleased to be shut out of the bathroom while you shower. He was recently voted “Most Handsome” in an unbiased poll run by his dad.
– Phil S., Director of Sales

kathleen howell zen planner

Kathleen Howell, Customer Advocate Team Lead

Zen Planner

Kathleen is a transplant from the midwest, moving to Denver after a thru hike on the Appalachian Trail in 2012. With a background in nutrition and exercise physiology and over 10 years in the customer service industry, she helps lead our expert team of Customer Advocates. When she’s not working one-on-one with our clients, you can find her out hiking in the mountains or trying out a new CO brewery.