Hosting Your First Nutrition Seminar

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Nutrition is a key component of every health and fitness journey, and March is National Nutrition Month in the United States. National Nutrition Month is an educational campaign focused on physical fitness as well as a balanced, healthy diet. Whether your fitness business is large or small, general or niche, a nutrition seminar may be a good way to engage your current members and attract new members. Hosting a nutrition seminar not only provides more value to your customers, but it helps establish your fitness business as the local thought leader.

The possibilities for your first nutrition seminar are endless, but there are some key details every fitness business must consider.

The Setting and Schedule

This may be obvious, but the importance of setting and schedule is often overlooked. The size of your space will determine how many registrations you allow. Do you host the seminar at your facility, or do you partner with a local business to host the seminar there? Will you provide food and drink, or any handout materials? The schedule is also massively important. What day of the week should you host the seminar? What time would work best? The best way to determine a seminar time is often to survey your customers and staff. Another item associated with the schedule is your registration process. This will vary greatly depending on your fitness business’ size, but a digital registration process is the most fluid and reliable way to manage your sign-up.

The Lineup and Theme

Although the overarching theme is nutrition, many fitness businesses organize their seminars by subtopic. For example, you may choose to segment your seminar itinerary by nutritional goals like weight management and muscle building. Once you know the speaking points of your nutrition seminar, you can then design the speaker lineup. If you feel comfortable with your staff presenting on a nutrition topic, that is often the fastest way to plan a seminar. The other option is to partner with a local expert who can present on a topic or series of topics. Cross-promotion like this is a great way to exponentially grow your reach. Another level of detail to consider is the format of your seminar sessions. Rather than having an expert deliver educational content, you can instead have a panel of experts field questions from the attendees.

As previously mentioned, digital registration is the most fluid and reliable way to manage your sign-up. Zen Planner allows you to setup and schedule events. While setting up your event, you can choose to make it available to just your members or to the general public. You can also setup different pricing levels based on whether someone is a member or not or more specifically, based on what type of membership they have.

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