Website Redesign for Martial Arts: Before and After Pictures

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guy with squiggly swordPRO TKD Martial Arts has been in the martial arts industry for 40 years. The full-service center offers taekwondo, kimoodo, archery, Little Tigers, sword and Eskrima and self defense. Wanting to grow his school, owner Master Fuechsel, knew the PRO TKD website needed a new look.

The original PRO TKD martial arts website was built using a template, and by 2016, the design was pretty outdated. The site featured videos on the homepage and videos tab, but they were implemented using Flash, a multimedia platform no longer used in web design. These videos either played automatically or not at all, and could not play on iOS devices, so site visitors using iPhones and iPads weren’t able to watch them. This made for a poor user experience and did nothing to help their search engine optimization. In addition to video issues, the site had no clear calls-to-action, no sitemap and was slow to load. All these issues led to poor experience for those visiting the site.

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Our team recently took part in the exciting transformation of the PRO TKD website. The site was redesigned to focus on beautiful imagery, ease-of-use and lead conversion. Our goal was to attract current and prospective students, and make it simple for them to find the information they need. The modern martial arts website features beautiful photos from Master Fuechsel and fresh content, appealing to people of all ages.

Check out the before and after images below.

MA site before and after

Fully integrated with Zen Planner, the new PRO TKD site makes it easy for students to view the schedule and register for classes. It’s also simple for prospective students to learn more about the school, view membership options and schedule their free trial.

“As a martial arts professional for 40 years, I am committed to the pursuit of excellence,” says Master Fuechsel. “The Zen Planner team demonstrated that same desire and provided me with a beautiful website.”

about us page

As a result of the martial arts website redesign, PRO TKD is better able to grow their web presence and convert prospective students researching their school. The redesigned website is a great representation of the PRO TKD center and the quality instruction they provide.

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