Advanced Workout Tracking Just Got Better

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New workout tracking features

At Zen Planner, we’re dedicated to making our customers’ lives easier. We’re also dedicated to doing everything in our power to help make our customers wildly successful fitness business owners. That’s why we launched Advanced Workout Tracking a little over a year ago. This innovative and engaging tool adds value to both coaches and members by streamlining processes that have been done manually in the past. It also allows members to be more informed about the workouts they are about to perform, and brings visibility to performance improvements, enabling them to visually see the true value of their membership.

We are excited to announce that we’ve made some improvements and innovations to Advanced Workout Tracking based on feedback from our valued customers. These improvements were implemented with the intention of making this tool even easier for fitness business owners to use.

What’s New?

There are two brand new features that we’re excited to launch in the Advanced Workout Tracking tool.

  • Prescribe Multiple Sets and Reps: When creating a workout, users can now prescribe multiple sets for weighted skills.
  • Weightlifting Percentage Calculator: You’ll no longer need to tote around a calculator on weightlifting days, as we’ve added one to this feature. Users can input a specific amount, such as an athlete’s 1 rep max. The calculator will then display percentages based on that value.

What’s Changed?

There have been several improvements made to existing features to help save you time and make tracking workouts even easier.

  • Enhanced Auto-Save: When creating a workout, each item is now automatically saved, so you no longer have to worry about saving your work as your go along.
  • Auto-Populate Workout Names: Naming workouts is even easier as the date is now auto-populated as the workout name.
  • New Layout and Appearance: User experience has improved with a single column display and more efficient buttons.
  • Search-To-Add Skills: A helpful search bar has replaced drop-downs, providing users with quick access to add any desired skill.
  • Drag and Drop Editing: Users can easily drag skills between sections and reorder sections by dragging and dropping.
  • Lookup Codes: Workout sections can now be saved and ordered in the Lookup Codes area.
  • Combined “Options” Pages: Options and Settings have merged into one easy to use page.
  • Favorites Have Become Templates: A list of all workouts that have been created are now saved as Templates. This allows users to preview each workout and assign them as new workouts.
  • Skills Language: Users now have the option to choose between Skills and Measures.

If you’re a current Zen Planner customer, these new features and improvements are now available in your account. If you’re not a Zen Planner customer but are interested in learning more about the Advanced Workout Tracking features in our member management software, schedule a free demo with one of our business coaches today.

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