Five Social Media Best Practices for Your Yoga Studio

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yoga studio social media best practices

Social media can seem like a daunting undertaking, but with a little nurturing, you’ll see that social media can be very beneficial to your business. These tips will help you ditch the social media stress and get centered in your strategy:

Focus on Quality Content

Quality trumps quantity when it comes to social media content. Keep the content of your social posts fresh and change up the type of content that you post. A good rule of thumb is to limit self-promotion to 50% of your content. These posts would be direct links to your website, offers, class announcements, etc. The other 50% should be content that reflects with your yoga community. Post images of your classes, share content from other resources or announce a new instructor at your studio.

Engage With Your Community

The yoga community is a passionate bunch. Focus on your social followers, observe their language and engage with them on their terms. Keep a close eye on your social media accounts and respond to your followers when they leave you comments or post on your account. This open communication will help build loyalty between you and your members.

Encourage Members to Connect

You don’t have to twist an arm to get members to share how much they love your studio. In this day and age it’s very common for social media users to share images of their triangle pose or tag their workout buddies at the studio. Develop an easy-to-remember hashtag, maybe your studio name or mantra, and encourage your members to tag their content with it. Tracking the hashtag will make it even easier for you to engage with your members.

Look Into Social Advertising

Social media advertising has come a long way. Facebook advertising is a great way to drive traffic to your site, without spending a lot of money. The platform allows businesses to get very specific with their target audience. Want to target yogis between the ages of 18 and 25, in the Santa Barbara area, who recently purchased from Gaiam? Facebook can deliver that audience. For under $100 spend/month you can get your studio name out there and drive potential members to your site.

Repeat What Worked

Pay attention to your social media efforts and repeat what was successful. If your Facebook ad campaign was a success, repeat the steps you took to do it again. If your tweet about a new instructor didn’t see much engagement, try something else. Social media can be a great tool for your yoga studio, but you have to put in the effort.

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