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What a great time of year. Spring is starting to make its appearance in many parts of the country and the NCAA playoff tournaments are underway. Since the talk in our office is understandably full of basketball and brackets, we started thinking about how the craziness and excitement of March Madness is like running a fitness business. Check out our reasons and let us know if you can come up with others.

There’s always an underdog who makes a big appearance

As a fitness business owner, you know you’ll have to handle competition and the challenges that come with it. Sometimes the competition comes from an unexpected direction and takes you by surprise. But much like the basketball team that comes out on top, you do what it takes to win.

Some games come down to game winning shots

Most successful business owners say that growing at a slow and methodical pace is the best way to grow. One of our favorite customers, David Osario, owner of CrossFit South Brooklyn, attributes his great success to growing steadily. A measured pace like that wins the game. Just like that final shot.

Expect anything, be ready for everything

Businesses need to be willing to evolve or adapt, much like the teams fighting for the big title. If you hold on to tired fitness trends for your core business competency, you’ll find yourself out of the race.

Big wins warrant the court rush

As you’d expect, this is our favorite reason owning a fitness business is like the March Madness race. With all the hard work and dedication you’ve put in, you have to celebrate the victories along the way. Otherwise, you lose sight of the fun in the game.From the behind-the-scenes hard work that’s put in, to the highs and lows on the court, March Madness is a lot like running a fitness business.

Here’s to you and your success. We hope you come out on top!

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