As a small gym owner, you know that the fitness industry is finicky and seasonal. Lulls during the summer and the holidays can really restrict the amount of revenue you have coming in.

Part of running a successful business is planning around the slow seasons and looking for additional revenue streams.

Luckily, we have an excellent opportunity for you to expand your member base and create a new source of revenue: the Optum Fitness Network.

Join the Optum Fitness Network

What is the Optum Fitness Network?

Optum is a leading information and technology-enabled health services business. They make fitness more affordable for over 12 million people in the U.S. with their 2 fitness reimbursement programs:

  • One Pass™
  • Renew Active®

Thanks to a new partnership with Zen Planner, you can get reimbursed whenever these members use your fitness facility.

What are the benefits of joining the Optum Fitness Network?

You’ll be able to reach new prospects you otherwise wouldn’t have access to. Optum Fitness Network participants fall under a different buyer persona than the members you’d normally target with your marketing.

With Optum, you’ll bring in:

  1. Members on Medicare or Medicaid
  2. Commercial members who are interested in using their corporate fitness perks
  3. Drop-ins who don’t want to limit themselves to a single fitness facility

By signing up for the Optum Fitness Network, you’ll make your fitness business more accessible to everyone in your community, regardless of age, economic status, or commitment level.

Plus, we have removed the headache historically associated with running these programs through automating eligibility, check-ins, and payments via our partner Welld Health — at no cost to you.

Older athletes doing yoga

1. Older members

Many gyms and studios cater to a younger clientele. But if you’re only marketing to 1 age group, you’re unnecessarily limiting your revenue and business growth.

Older members can enrich your fitness community and gain great benefits from your programming. And retirees can attend fitness classes in the off hours when younger members are in school or at work.

Just keep in mind that older members may require a different coaching approach as well as modified exercises that take aging into account.

2. Commercial members looking to use their corporate wellness perks

Many corporations offer their employees wellness perks as part of their policies. This is part of the group that you will be appealing to.

For most people, the price tag is one of the toughest parts of getting a gym membership, but this isn’t a problem for people who have wellness perks.

Think of how many members you’ve been missing out on because your membership prices weren’t financially feasible for them. Now, these members have a way to access your awesome programming!

With Optum, you can turn this group of members into recurring members who generate a steady stream of revenue.

3. Drop-ins who aren’t ready to commit

Plenty of people prefer to build their own exercise regimen by attending a variety of fitness facilities. Some even like to mix and match between nonprofits, clubs, and small businesses like yours to find the workout environment they like best.

Paying for a single membership does not make sense for these members. They desire a wide variety of options, and joining Optum lets your facility become one of those options.

How much money can you make by participating in the Optum Fitness Network?

The amount of money you can make depends on which Optum fitness program the member is part of.

  • Renew Active offers members 4 check-ins per month and reimburses you $14 per check-in.
  • One Pass (Medicare & Medicaid) offers members 4 check-ins per month and reimburses you $14 per check-in.
  • One Pass (Commercial) offers members 8 check-ins per month and reimburses you $15 per check-in.

This means you could make:

  • $56/member/month from Renew Active & One Pass (Medicare & Medicaid) members
  • $120/member/month from One Pass (Commercial) members

And that’s just for 1 month. If you hold onto a member for an entire year, you can earn $672 from a Medicare/Medicaid member and $1,440 from a commercial member.

Register with Optum in 30 minutes

All you need to do is click the button below, fill out the registration form and follow the email instructions from Zen Planner and Welld Health – our partner that makes the automation of this process possible.

We’re only making this offer to new Optum Fitness Network customers, if you already run a Renew Active or OnePass plan, you’ll need to contact Welld Health directly.

The entire registration process should only take 30 minutes of your time.

Don’t wait — go ahead and sign up now to start bringing in that extra revenue!

Join the Optum Fitness Network