Support Tip: Create and Send a New Email to Your Gym Members

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Lately I’ve gotten a few calls asking how to go about creating and sending a new email to a gym member. Let’s put this into an example and then walk through how it’s accomplished.

You’re hosting a special seminar for your members and want to get the word out. This isn’t a recurring email, but rather a one time communication. Here is the quick walk through:

From your Zen Planner Dashboard

Setup > Document Templates (under Communication) > + Add A Template > a pop-up will appear and you will select the following:


  • Report: The report you choose is important in determining what information is available when creating the email and the records you can select from when sending the email. Try to align the Report selection with the content of the email. For example: if the email is generic communication to your members select “People”, if the content is about memberships select “Membership”, etc.
  • Format: Select “Email Message”
  • Edit “Name” and “Category”: The Category will allow you to easily find this template in your Document Templates list in the future
  • Save and Edit ContentYou will now be directed to the blank email template where you can edit the email message to your members.Key tips when creating your email message:
    • Utilize the “Tag” pull down menu in the tools bar. Tags will auto-populate with the student’s information.
    • You can add hyperlinks, images, media files, and much more.
    • Continuously click on “Save Changes” while editing the email, so you do not loose any work you’ve done!

zenplanner-add-a-personWhen you are ready to send your email, click on the blue link: “Send Emails”. You will then be directed to a report for you to choose who to send the emails > select the records you want to send the email > click on “Send ’email name’ ” > you will be directed back to the email template to review > click on “Send ‘x’ Emails Now”. [clearfix]

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