Increase Conversion With Facebook’s New CTA Button

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Facebook marketing can be challenging. We now need to pay to boost our posts, if we want them to be seen, and it’s hard to trace our followers and post “likes” back to our revenue. But there’s good news coming out of Facebook’s News Blog, and it’s sure to redeem them in the eyes of Business Page holders.

Last week, Facebook announced a phased roll out of a Call To Action (CTA) button that will drive traffic directly to your business. There will be seven CTA options for you to select, all designed to drive your Facebook visitors to the place you most want them.

Here is a run down of the CTA buttons that are going to be available:

  • Book Now: This is great for sending Facebook page visitors to your class schedule or a special event registration.
  • Contact Us: If you’d prefer your Facebook visitors contact you before signing up, this would be a good CTA button to use.
  • Sign Up: Or, you can send them directly to the membership page, a class registration page, or a newsletter mailing list sign up page.
  • Watch Video: Trainers or gym owners with an extensive YouTube library might benefit by sending Facebook visitors to their video collection.
  • Shop Now: This one is self-explanatory, and it would be handy if you want to boost your sales of logo wear. (Click here to read another blog on the benefits of selling logo wear.)
  • Use App: Probably more relevant for companies with a downloadable app, this one directs visitors to a mobile application.
  • Play Game: Again, more relevant for a mobile application company.

To explain this new feature, Facebook says the CTA button was “designed to bring a business’s most important objective to the forefront of its Facebook presence, call-to-action buttons link to any destination on or off Facebook that aligns with a business’s goals.”

How effective will the button be? The Dollar Shave Club had the honor of testing the new feature, and they say they saw an increase of two and a half times their regular conversion rate.

“Over the course of a three-week test, the Sign Up call-to-action button delivered a 2.5x higher conversion rate versus other comparable social placements aimed to drive new user acquisition.” — Brian Kim, Director of Acquisition, Dollar Shave Club.

We expect most businesses will also see a high rate of direct user action from the new CTA buttons because CTAs are the cornerstone of conversion marketing. Without telling your reader what you’d like them to do, it is unlikely they will follow through with your desired action.

For Facebook page users located in the United States, you can expect to have access to the CTA button in the next two to three weeks. Users overseas can expect a wait of up to a year.

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