zen planner cloud elements replatformDENVER, CO June 21, 2016 – Zen Planner, a comprehensive member management solution for gyms, fitness studios and martial arts schools, recently completed re-architecting its platform from ColdFusion to a modern JavaScript framework. Already having proven viability, this strategic move focuses on taking Zen Planner to the next level, in terms of both product advancement and usability.

Zen Planner enlisted the assistance of Cloud Elements, a cloud API integration platform, to develop a central data hub, so advancements could be made on the new platform, while allowing it to still communicate with the previous platform.

“When Zen Planner set out to put an API framework in place on behalf of replatforming, we wanted to partner with one of the best in the space,” said Dave Martelon, CTO of Zen Planner. “We were overjoyed to be able to take advantage of Cloud Elements’ expertise, leveraging their best-practice capabilities out of the gate.”

APIs, or application program interfaces, are the backbone of any modern software architecture. They act as the heart of business logic that services all applications for maximum code reuse. Further, APIs vastly simplify third party integrations to allow a company to focus on core competencies and differentiation. In the future, APIs will also allow customers and partners access to platform data to satisfy their unique needs or to extend capabilities in new and creative ways.

“Working with companies like Zen Planner on a replatforming project, validates the direction of the API market. The demand for integrating existing APIs will soon outweigh the demand for building new ones,” said Cloud Elements Co-Founder and CTO Vineet Joshi. “Cloud Elements API Hubs are uniquely positioned to support companies as they look to modernize their platforms and connect their digital apps ecosystems.”   

Martelon credits the expertise of Cloud Elements in significantly reducing the time the replatforming process could have taken. “If you are integrating with multiple providers in the same space, such as we do with payment processors, you will find there are dramatic differences between these implementations,” said Martelon. “When doing this, make sure you utilize an integration strategy, like the Cloud Elements Hub. Letting them handle the complexity of this project enabled us to focus on the core capabilities of the software.”

In all, partnering with Cloud Elements to replatform has enabled Zen Planner to better its entire product offering for the future. Under this platform, developing new features and enhancements and improving user-experience have become much easier to implement and can be quickly executed. This enables Zen Planner to hold itself to high standards and offer customers a constantly innovating, best-in-class member management solution for years to come.

To learn more about Zen Planner’s replatforming journey and technology advancements, follow our blog at zenplanner.com/blog.

About Zen Planner

Zen Planner makes fitness businesses wildly successful – to transform the hearts, minds and bodies of their communities. Our comprehensive, customizable member management solution provides you with the necessary tools to take your business to the next level, enabling you to spend less time behind the desk and more time with your valued members. With integrated payment processing and billing, automations, attendance tracking, a Kiosk iPad App, Member Mobile App, in-depth reporting and much more, you have everything required to grow the business you’ve dedicated your life to building.

About Cloud Elements

Cloud Elements is a cloud API management and integration service that enables developers to publish, integrate, aggregate and manage all of their APIs through a unified platform. Using Cloud Elements, developers can quickly connect entire categories of cloud services (e.g., CRM, Documents, Finance) using uniform APIs or simply synchronize data between multiple cloud services (e.g. Salesforce, Zendesk and Quickbooks) using its innovative integration toolkit. Cloud Elements is headquartered in Denver, CO, but serves customers worldwide. More information about Cloud Elements can be found at www.cloud-elements.com.