Redesigned InterfaceThe leading fitness software improves usability with new interface

DENVER, CO Aug. 6, 2014 — Zen Planner, an all-in-one software solution for fitness business owners, announced today a redesigned interface that provides customers improved usability with easier access to their information and Zen Planner’s comprehensive Workout Tracking. It is important to note that the new interface provides all the same great features and data that make Zen Planner the leading fitness business software solution. “Everything we do at Zen Planner is for our customers,” said Jeff Gardner, CEO of Zen Planner. “Last winter we received feedback that customers liked the richness and features of Zen Planner, but wanted a cleaner and easier-to-use interface. We listened to that feedback and spent the first part of 2014 working with a world-class design team to create a completely redesigned interface.” Three major components of Zen Planner’s redesign include:

  1. Consistent Navigation – The new interface utilizes best practices in web design with consistent left to right navigation from any part of the application.
  2. Feature Completeness – Zen Planner’s design team was very careful with this redesign to make sure that everything customers can do today, they will also be able to do tomorrow. The team reviewed every button, every link, and every action to make sure that it is included in the redesigned Zen Planner.
  3. Simple to Use – Customers will now find a very clean overview for each of their members, with the ability to perform the actions they need in simple workflows.

“This is just the beginning,” added Gardner. “Our product development team, led by our new CTO, Dave Martelon, is already developing more usability enhancements and we look forward to sharing these developments with our customers. Dave has begun and will continue to push the boundaries on enhancing features with a strong focus on ease-of-use and productivity for owners of fitness businesses.”

About Zen Planner

Zen Planner’s all-in-one software gives fitness business owners everything they need to turn their passion into a successful business. With integrated payment processing, scheduling, membership management, email and website templates, business owners have what they require to grow and keep the fitness community that they’ve worked so hard to create. Along with 24/7 customer support, every user has access to three free one-hour sessions with a personal coach so customers can take advantage of Zen Planner’s rich features right from the start. Zen Planner is backed by a team of like-minded fitness fanatics, which is why one out of every two customers refers Zen Planner to a friend – making the company’s satisfaction rating 99%. For more information, visit