Thanks for the Feedback: Martial Arts Software Review

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Martial Arts Injury Prevention

We love it when we receive feedback from our customers. This feedback guides us as we make our day-to-day decisions. For instance, we take feedback into account when deciding which new features we should develop or how many new team members we should hire. Monthly, we hold a drawing to thank customers who took the time to submit feedback for our Customer Advocate team, and we have a beta test group to formally collect feedback on our product enhancements. On Friday’s we internally share a document called “Feedback Friday,” which is a recap of the customer feedback we collected for the week.

If you have feedback to share, we want to hear it. You can always email our product team at or our marketing team at We’d also love to engage with you on the comment section of our blogs. Everything we do, we do for our customers, so please don’t hesitate to let us know if something is on your mind.

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