New Member Retention Tips for Martial Arts Schools from the Martial Arts SuperShow

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It was another great day at the Martial Arts SuperShow. The Zen Planner team and I enjoyed visiting with new friends and some of our amazing customers. I also took the time to sit in on a couple business seminars, so I’ll share a few new member retention tips with you. Even though they may seem intuitive, reminding yourself of their importance can strengthen the foundation of your studio or school through member retention.

When is comes to student retention, new students are particularly vulnerable to dropping out of your program. But there are a few simple things that any fitness business owner can do to combat the tendency.

Work to make the student feel welcome. This is obvious, but it means that fostering a culture of inclusion is an absolute must. (Link: See our CEO’s blog about the importance of culture) The industry’s best consultants recommend that you ask your current students to verbally welcome prospects and new students. By making it everyone’s job to do this, you’ll be able to offer a welcoming, supportive environment for those new and hesitant students.

Help them make your program a new habit. Often, you can thwart a new student’s departure simply by assisting them in forming the positive habit of attending class regularly. When they leave your class, ask them when they will be back to your studio. Statistically, people are far more likely to show up for an event if you get a verbal commitment from them. If your departure is just a vague “see you again,” it’s psychologically easier for the student to not come back.

Involve their parent(s). (This one is critical if you teach children) As we remember from our childhood, when a young person has an off day or temporarily loses interest in a program, their parents will encourage them to see the commitment through. (Yes, I was a Girl Scout, which isn’t nearly as cool as being a martial arts student) Also, if a parent sees the overwhelming value of a martial arts program, they will help encourage their child to continue the program for the sake of the positive skills the child is developing.

Be sure to check back in for tomorrow’s blog. It’s the final day of the Martial Arts SuperShow, so I’ll be sure to share some more great takeaways from the event.

Looking for additional ideas to help keep your students coming back? Get your copy of our guide, 4 Essential Strategies for Student Retention.

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