3 Additional Revenue Opportunities for Your Martial Arts School

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Using Events to Build Community and Diversify Revenue

Martial Arts School Revenue Opportunities

Have you thought about different ways to bring in more revenue at your school? While it may be tempting to increase class sizes, schools are better served by finding friendly alternate forms of income so classes can stay reasonably sized and personal. Most schools sell gear like gis and belts for the convenience of their students, but this is by no means the only thing a martial arts school can do for profit that their students will love.

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1). Instructional Videos

Not everyone can make it to their classes every week, and many may still want to practice at home. Especially beginners and those trying to learn and practice new moves, which can be difficult without an instructor there to show them what good form looks like. Martial arts schools can benefit a great deal by filming instructor videos and selling them to students and those who don’t currently have time to be students but would like to practice the art anyway. Once recorded, a few hours of instruction will be able to sell for years and you can constantly add to the library.

Online Martial Arts Videos

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2). Themed Fundraisers

Martial arts schools are an interesting cross between school and sports team, especially for their younger students. Almost any group that teaches young children eventually falls back on the old standby: the fundraiser. Let’s face it, kids are great salespersons. From girl scouts to band trips, it is a tried and true method for kids to sell a catalog of knickknacks each year to support their favorite activities, and your school has an advantage. Everyone’s seen cookie tins and ceramic snowmen, but what about framed kanji, paper lanterns and extra gis? By staying with the theme of your school, you have a uniquely themed fundraising opportunity that your community already loves. For items that are particularly popular, you might consider keeping a few in stock and selling them as a mini-gift shop selection within the school.

3). Commemorative Memorabilia

Another great way to sell using your existing business structure is with commemorative memorabilia: items with pictures on them. Parents love pictures of their kids and will often buy a mug or tote bag boasting a photo of an especially proud moment. Offering group and individual photo items at the end of class sessions will always make a few sales. Testing ceremonies are an especially great time to take a commemorative photo and sell it on souvenir items for the whole family.

While the central purpose of a martial arts school is to teach classes, there is every reason to offer students and families of students an opportunity to be more deeply involved in the school. These are only a few ways to expand your financial business model, and more opportunities may be available to each school based on its location and circumstances. How ever you choose to branch out, do so in a way that benefits your students and invites more people into the philosophies and practices of your art.

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