Zen Planner Releases 2016 Martial Arts Benchmark Report

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MA benchmark kick

MA benchmark kick

We’ve been helping the owners of martial arts schools run thriving businesses since 2006. Throughout the years, we’ve continuously heard these owners ask about what it takes to run a successful school.

There’s a good chance you opened a school to share your art, better your community and improve the lives’ of your students, not solely to make money. While the definition of success is extremely subjective, if you’re not making money, your business won’t be around long.

Sure, we’ve provided financial management advice in the past, but we were passionate about taking this advice a step further, to truly figure out what differentiates thriving schools from those who are struggling to simply keep the lights on. To do so, we created a survey consisting of emotional, financial and operational questions. With over 300 school owners from around the world responding, we’ve developed our 2016 Martial Arts Benchmark Report, which features the most detailed financial performance information available in the martial arts industry.

Get your copy of our 2016 Martial Arts Benchmark Report today!

In this free report, you’ll find the five key things thriving schools are doing to run financially stable businesses. The report also features important performance data broken out by school size, including:

  • School demographics
  • Staff commissions
  • Student agreement types
  • Classes offered
  • Profit-loss analysis
  • And much more

MA autopay world map

If you’re looking for key insights that can help you make informed, strategic business decisions this year, download your copy of this free report.

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