Five Insider Tips for the Martial Arts SuperShow

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The martial arts supershow is the biggest industry event of the year.

The martial arts supershow is the biggest industry event of the year.

The largest event for martial arts business owners, the Martial Arts SuperShow, is fast approaching. In traditional Zen Planner form, we are providing you with some tips as you finalize, or begin (for you procrastinators) your plans for the show. Las Vegas can be distracting to say the least so follow these tips on how can you get the most out of this year’s SuperShow.

1). Stay On Task

This is a business trip so make sure you treat it like work. There are not many opportunities to surround yourself with as many other business owners, experts and companies that all have information to help your business grow and thrive. Don’t get me wrong, make sure to have a smile on your face and have fun, but remember the focus of why you invested in this trip.

2). Plan Out Your Days

Wandering around the trade show floor and then hearing about how good the class you just missed was is not the way to go. There are a LOT of vendors, seminars and networking opportunities, so make sure you set aside time for each.

The agenda is already posted and will allow you to prioritize based on your businesses needs and what will be most important to you. These items should be the first ones added to your calendar as dates and times are locked in. Get the important ones on your schedule and then you can backfill open times with vendors, meetings, workouts and working the room!

Check out the abbreviated schedule for the Supershow

3). Come Ready to Learn

If what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas on this trip, you missed some big opportunities. From physical training with Jiu Jitsu legend Marcelo Garcia, to classroom training with our friend and Black Belt (in nine different arts) Dave Kovar, retention will be key. Take good notes and do so in the most efficient manner for you.

Can’t read your own handwriting when you are in a hurry? Slow at typing on your phone? Don’t want to miss anything? Take a voice memo on your phone; it’s quick, easy and you are right back to the show. Capturing information quickly allows you to take the time to digest and review with a clear head when you return to your school.

4). Network

This comes naturally to some, and some of us (*cough *cough, me) have to work at it. The best way to approach this is by adding networking time into your show calendar. Then all you have to do is execute!

There are two different levels of networking: 1) seeking out a known industry figure that will be at the show who can directly benefit your school and 2) just saying hello to attendees that you have no idea who they are. Both have their benefits, but make sure you have a plan and time set aside for each. Number two can easily derail you from your schedule if you are not prepared to cut a conversation short.

5). Use Social Media

Social media is an amazing resource and using it for your tradeshow prep is a great way to plan a meet up, or pitch an opportunity to your favorite industry expert. Instagram direct messages allows you to message anyone, yes anyone. With this platform’s lack of privacy settings for the time being you are able to pitch your idea or a meetup with to your favorite martial artist or keynote speaker. This tool should not be used as a license to stalk someone. Instead, try offering to take them out to dinner or purchase tickets to a show. Give them something and then you have earned the right to ask for something in return. Also don’t forget about the #MASS18 hashtag; this is a great way to search for relevant posts or index your own post related to the show. This goes for before, during and after the show so you can stay up-to-date on all of the SuperShow action.

6). Enjoy Las Vegas

After business is taken care of, remember that you are in Vegas. Aside from the SuperShow, the city has amazing shows, restaurants, shopping, people watching and more. Take some time to enjoy yourself, just remember to do so responsibly – it is still a work trip.

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