People Making People Better: A Recap of the Martial Arts SuperShow

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Zen Planner was honored to attend this year’s Martial Arts SuperShow as the Titanium Sponsor. The Martial Arts SuperShow is the premier event for martial arts business owners and instructors, and Zen Planner is grateful to be involved. With a product team 100% dedicated to martial arts, Zen Planner is completely focused on helping martial arts business owners master their business, grow their community and delight their students.

In addition to speaking with many martial arts business owners and instructors, Zen Planner’s Senior Director of Marketing delivered a knockout keynote on the importance of data for business success. This keynote was based on Zen Planner’s Annual Martial Arts Benchmark Report, and our Senior Director of Marketing answered questions for over 30 minutes after the presentation ended!

Global Gratitude

Zen Planner’s primary focus this year was to acknowledge people making people better, martial arts instructors.

At this year’s Martial Arts SuperShow, Zen Planner told the story of martial arts instructors from around the world and across generations through a massive gratitude campaign. This movement was a huge hit at the Martial Arts SuperShow, and there were many powerful stories shared. If you want to check out some of those stories, they are highlighted on Zen Planner’s Instagram page and under the hashtag #PeopleMakingPeopleBetter.

Check out our #PeopleMakingPeopleBetter interviews here. 


Serving Our Community

The Martial Arts SuperShow presents Zen Planner with a unique opportunity to connect with our customers, partners and prospects from around the world. This year, we were thrilled to host a packed-house happy hour with our partners: Kovar Systems, Sweat Angels, Krav Maga Alliance, Team Paul Mitchell Karate and Break Like a Champ by Chip Townsend. We love hearing from our community about what they love and what they need more of. The Zen Planner team left Las Vegas this year humbled by the community’s support and inspired by the opportunity to innovate even more.

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