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The success of a martial arts school depends highly on the team that runs it. However, the underlying question is always HOW an owner goes about recruiting a staff that can run your school efficiently and effectively as you desire. This blog covers the three methods of successful staff recruitment.

First and foremost, when you are looking for staff members, there are three fundamental qualities that every prospect MUST have if you are going to consider hiring them. These qualities are: Attitude, Intelligence and Dependability. Remember, two out of three does not cut it. If you find one or more of these qualities lacking with a candidate, don’t proceed or waste your time expecting that quality to eventually materialize.

There are many strategies available; some will work better than others depending on where you are in your business. Regardless, remember that the best time to be looking for staff members is when you aren’t desperate for them. If you are always one-step ahead in the process, the dire need will go away and you can make a much better choice on staff before that happens.

Method #1 – Plant Seeds Early and Often

This method of staff recruitment is by far the most effective and most important method available. It should always be an ongoing process and, in time, it will provide you many great staff members. If you haven’t started planting those seeds, now is better than never.

Every time a new student begins training at your school, take time to stop and ask yourself if they are displaying “the right qualities” (Attitude, Intelligence and Dependability). After they settle in and appear to be training for the long-haul, find a moment to talk to them about possible career opportunities.

The talk might go something like this: “Good job in class today, Mr. Smith. Do you have a moment to talk? You have been training now for about a month and I’ve got to tell you that you are a real pleasure to work with. Have you ever thought about a career in Martial Arts? What we are looking for in a staff member are the same qualities that you have been demonstrating in class…good attitude, hardworking, eager to help, consistent, etc. I’ll be checking back with you in a couple months. In the meantime, make sure you train hard and steady. You are going to be a great Black Belt.”

Obviously, not every student that you talk to is going to turn in to a staff member. However, if you plant enough seeds, and early enough, some of them will surely sprout.

Method #2 – Inactive Students

If you are a mature school that has been in business for a few years, you probably have an asset that could be a key source for new staff members…your list of former students. If you review this list in detail, you will probably see a lot of students that quit at an advanced belt rank. What are they doing now? Chances are, some would love to consider a career in the Martial Arts.

Method #3 – External Recruitment

Although not the preferred method, it has been effective on occasion. When putting up a job posting, be ready to receive phone calls. Remember to only hire candidates that can handle the job. If you interview 10 people and none of them live up to your standards, do a job positing again and interview 10 more. Resist the urge to hire someone just because you need someone now. Hold out for the right person.

Again, not all methods yield a bounty of the staff you might be hoping for, but this is an excellent start for both veteran and brand new schools. Be patient and consistent. Most importantly make sure you pick a team with the same goal and personalities that mesh well together. If the timing is off or a staff member does not fit—well that’s another topic I will cover in a future blog.

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Guest post written by Kyoshi Dave Kovar

Kyoshi Dave KovarKyoshi Dave Kovar is recognized worldwide as an innovator of best practices for martial arts school operation. In addition to overseeing the operation of eight of his own schools, he is also a dedicated martial artist with black belts in 10 Martial Arts styles. Kyoshi Kovar has been awarded the 2010 Martial Arts Industry Association’s 2010 Lifetime Achievement Award. He has published, and continues to publish, hundreds of business and teaching videos and documents for both the Educational Funding Company (EFC) and Kovar Systems.

Kyoshi Dave Kovar’s products and systems are widely acknowledged as industry standards and can be accessed through Kovar Systems. The Kovar System team includes expert success coaches from his own academies with knowledge in all aspects of the Martial Arts industry. His relentless pursuit of excellence is at the core of each and every product from Kovar Systems.