Jordan Metzler of Verve Movement Studios

Jordan Metzler and her fitness business, Verve Movement Studio in Longmont Colorado, recently made the switch to Zen Planner from MindBody Online. Read about her experience during the transition and the benefits Verve Movement has already seen in this Q&A!

Q: What triggered the transition from MindBody (MBO) to Zen Planner?

A: MBO was becoming increasingly more expensive and difficult for my clients to use. It wasn’t worth the investment anymore.

Q: Why Zen Planner and not another software? How did you end up selecting Zen Planner

A: I did my research and Zen Planner came up as a top-rated result on every search I did to find a new client management system. I had used it once briefly at another gym and I remember it being very intuitive—no one officially taught me how to use it and I was able to figure it out quite nicely. Bonus points for being a Colorado-based company (I’m a native—born and raised! ☺)

Q: What expectations were set after signing up for Zen Planner? (Post Sales Call – Before Kickoff call?)

A: After getting off the sales call (which was also great—all of my questions and concerns were answered long before any talk of price or commitment came up), I was told that I would be working closely with someone over the next few weeks to migrate all of my data and learn how to use this new system. The price was right and I loved all of the features that were shown to me. Things moved quickly from that point on.

Q: Was the transition process and next steps clearly outlined?

A: Yes. I got email correspondence right away with what came next and Liz (my amazing Zen Planner guru) was there for me every step of the way. She was quick to get back to me with answers to my questions and always kept me on top of what she needed from me to move the process along.

Q: How did the data migration feel?

A: I was surprised at how easy it was. Everything imported beautifully.

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Q: Does the onboarding process with Zen Planner feel different that it was in MBO?

A: I was not part of the onboarding process with MBO, as I assumed ownership from a previous owner. However, the process of transferring the account over from the previous owner to me felt a lot more complicated. I had to re-submit my information several times because the instructions weren’t very clear. This was never the case with Zen Planner. I always had a checklist from my Zen Planner guide after our calls, and every conversation we had was recorded, so if I needed to go back to re-visit instructions, I had that availability. I also loved that if I got all of my tasks and set up done before the next onboarding call, I could ask for more “homework” to move things along.

Q: Have you reached out to our Customer Success Team during the transition?

A: Not during the transition. Knowing me, I’m sure it will happen in the near future. I always have lots of questions. ☺

Q: How did the timeline feel after you signed up with Zen Planner?

A: I was very nervous about switching over. It seemed like such a daunting task to migrate all of my clients over to a new system and build it out the way I wanted it. It was ultimately empowering to be able to set up a system to match exactly what I wanted for my business. I had everything done by the time Zen Planner went live on our website and my clients seem to be very happy with it already.

Q: When switching to Zen Planner, did you recognize any immediate benefits?

A: I did! I love that I had one person assigned to me during the onboarding process—having a direct contact who knows you and where you’re at with your transition was so wonderful. Liz took the time to understand my business goals and really tailored our sessions to go over the Zen Planner features that would benefit me the most.

I also love the customized reports Zen Planner offers! I am all about the numbers in my business, and I love that I can pick the criteria for my searches and create a report that keeps everything all on one page. While MBO had great report options—sometimes I would have to pull three different reports to get the info I needed.

I also love that when you embed Zen Planner into your website, it keeps you on the webpage instead of taking you to another site that you’ll never remember off the top of your head. My studio has a large 65+ aged population. They need something that is easy to use and makes them feel secure when it comes to their personal information. They were apprehensive at first, but they have been able to figure it out quickly without any issue. I am so grateful for that.

Q: Do you have any recommendations for people switching from MBO to Zen Planner? OR any recommendations for people thinking about making the switch?

A: MindBody can be a great tool, but they’re becoming a management system best used for franchises and corporate companies looking to streamline their management systems.

I know it’s scary to switch away from what’s familiar… but let me tell you, Zen Planner has everything you need and then some for your growing community. You are able to customize the appearance and content to fit the personality of your business; and it is user-friendly on both the admin and client side. Zen Planner brings the heart and authenticity back into your client management. Make the switch, you won’t be disappointed.

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