How to Create a Fitness Website that Drives Leads

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I received so many questions following my presentation at the Martial Arts SuperShow a few weeks ago that I decided to break up my presentation into a series of blog posts on marketing best practices. So far we’ve tackled Creating Personas for Your Fitness Business and Making Your Website Better. This week we’ll dive into how to create a fitness website with forms that drive leads to your business.

Lead forms – moving beyond the homepage

I’m guessing that you already know that you need a lead form on your website. But having this lead form in just one place isn’t enough. Your lead form should be able to found throughout your site. You need to make it as easy as possible for potential students or gym members to request additional information about your fitness business.

How much is “enough” (on your lead form)?

Since we’re talking about lead forms, consider how much information you really need. What information is “must have” as compared to “nice to have?” “Must have” would include name, phone number, email address so that you can follow up promptly. “Nice to have” may be years of experience, past athletic background or mailing address. More people will be willing to fill out a shorter form and as a result, you’ll get more leads.

Find out the “must-haves” for every fitness website in our latest checklist
There are always exceptions

The exception to the “shorter may be better” rule is if you have a very specific target audience. For example, if you have an elite MMA school, you may only want serious fighters. In this case you may want to ask information that will give you a good sense of how serious this potential student could be with questions about years of experience, type of martial arts practiced and other questions that will help you determine if this person is the right fit for your MMA school.

Remind prospects why they should choose your business

In addition to considering the length of your form, you need to also reemphasize why a prospect should provide their information. Include special promotions that you offer such as “one-week free for new members” and information about why your fitness business is the best at what you do. You should also include your phone number prominently in case the prospect wants to talk to someone right away.

captial mma lead formExample of a lead form from Capital MMA that includes:

  • Why a prospect should choose this gym
  • A minimal number of fields (to encourage form completion)
  • Additional information that the prospect might have questions about (such as contract or testing fees)
Move beyond “submit”

Finally, think about the button itself at the end of the form. While many forms use “submit” as the default, studies have shown that forms with “submit” have a lower conversion rate than those that use alternative wording. Think about using “get started now” or “go” to encourage prospects to complete your inquiry form.

An excellent example of using an alternative to “submit” from 181 Fitness:

181 fitness lead form

If you can make these small changes to your website and lead form, I’m betting that you’ll increase the number of inquiries to your fitness business significantly. To your success!

Lead forms are a vital component of a well-rounded website. Discover what else your website needs in order to convert prospective members in our checklist, 10 Things Your Fitness Business Website Must Have.

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  1. Will Hess says:


    How does one go about changing the appearance of the ZP Lead Capture form as they did above on 181 Fitness? Is that all HTML work?

  2. Tiffany Houkom says:

    Great question, Will. This is something that our Customer Success Team can help you out with, as they have expertise in this area. They can be reached 7 days a week either by phone at (866) 541-3570 or by email Thanks for checking out the blog!

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