Keep Your Yoga Classes Fresh to Keep Your Students Coming Back

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I know from personal experience that keeping your yoga classes fresh can be a challenge. When you’re busy running from class to class, or to and from your daytime job, there’s little extra time to devote to the task of class planning. When that happens, it’s easy to teach the same material or use the same playlist again and again. The problem is that our students look to us for knowledge and inspiration in each and every class. To be successful, we need to weave in a bit of yogic philosophy or a new playlist each class. Fortunately there are more resources now than ever before for yoga instructors to use. I’ve compiled a list of my favorites in hopes they will help you more easily create that perfect class and keep your students coming back for more.

Websites to Explore

Women doing childs pose in yoga class in fitness studioThe New Yoga Alliance: the Next Generation of Yoga Alliance

If you haven’t been to their yoga website recently, you’re missing out. The Yoga Alliance has dramatically changed for the better and I’m extremely impressed. This new website is packed full of great resources for yoga instructors, with more videos and papers than you’ll ever need. Some of the website is limited to members. But since they are the credentialing body in the US and their membership fees are affordable, it just makes sense to join. An annual membership starts as low as $55 and is well worth it.

Yoga U Online

I love this yoga website for learning beyond a basic teacher training program. I frequent it regularly and download tons of free podcasts and audio files from some of the industry’s greatest teachers. (Judith Hanson Lassiter is a regular contributor here) Their selection of classes is very broad and include podcasts and videos covering everything from prenatal yoga to yoga for sciatica. This website claims to be the ‘best for online yoga education,” and I completely agree with them.

Yoga Teacher Central

Go here for some amazing yoga resources, including a guide for monthly strategic planning for your yoga classes. It is mostly a member-only site but they do have some free resources for you to access. If you want to join, they have memberships as low as low as $8.95 per month, with a free trial membership to get you started.


I recommend this one because it’s a community-supported site, so all content is generated by members. On it you’ll find blogs and access to an email newsletter. There are also links to things like product reviews and playlists.

The Yoga Journal

I suspect every yoga teacher is familiar with the great resources on the Yoga Journal’s website, so I won’t talk much about what it has to offer. Be sure to check it out if you haven’t spent much time on there. It’s comprehensive and you do not need to be a subscriber to use their online goodies.

Playlist Resources


I don’t think it gets much better than this site. You can stream free playlists others have made and posted or you can create your own mix to stream in your classes. Either way, this site shows us why streaming music is the best thing that has happened in the yoga community since Patanjali codified the Sutras.

John McConnell Yoga

John kindly posts his class playlists and they rock. They are well thought out and timed appropriately for classes. While they aren’t free, the easy link to ITunes allows you to buy the music with a simple click. While you’re on his site to grab tunes, you should also check out his blog and website in general. I especially love his website as a template for how other yoga websites should look.

Leslie Lehman Yoga

Leslie does a wonderful job of posting her yoga playlists and she’ll even email them to you if you subscribe to her website. Again, these songs need to be purchased. But buying the songs is the easy part if someone is willing to go to the trouble to create a class playlist.

Derek Beres

DJ Derek Beres should be a yogi’s best friend. On his SoundCloud site, you’ll find countless yoga playlists available for free download. I absolutely love this guy, and if you don’t know him yet, spend some time scrolling around his site.

As a busy yoga instructor, you need resources to keep your classes fresh and inspiring. Feel free to bookmark this article and come back when you’re ready to plan your next class.


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