Member Trends

Zen Planner’s focus from day one has been to make fitness businesses wildly successful, to transform the hearts, minds and bodies of their communities. Naturally, our emphasis has been on the owners themselves. But behind every successful fitness business owner is a community of satisfied members who view their gym, studio, box or schools as a special place where they can come to let off steam, bond with fellow members and work towards their goals.

Over the years, we have made it a priority to provide not only tools and software for fitness business owners to find success, but also data, insights and expert advice to help them master their business. The best example of this pursuit has been our industry-leading Annual Benchmark Reports which provide the most comprehensive business data in the affiliate, boutique, martial arts and yoga industries.

To take this a step further, we decided to include a Member Trends bonus report within our newest affiliate, boutique and yoga reports.
We distributed the member trends survey to thousands of everyday gym members across the world garnering over 600 responses! The responses ranged from the expected to the surprising and helped us paint a more complete picture of the boutique fitness eco-system.

Delivering an exceptional workout experience is the most important success factor for converting prospects into loyal members.

-The Annual Member Trends Benchmark Report

We believe that providing owners with insights on their members will better equip them to tailor their business and programming to provide a better experience for everyone.

Some of the data you’ll find in this report includes:

• Preferred Fitness Activities
• Why Members Choose a Gym
• Member Motivations
• And much more!

Explore the Annual Member Trends Benchmark Report by downloading one of our Annual Benchmark Reports below!

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