CrossFit Games 2014 Stadium Finals

July has arrived, which means we’ve entered the final countdown to this year’s CrossFit® Games. 2015 marks our third year at The Games, so by now, we know a thing or two about attending this competition. Every year we’ve attended, we’ve learned something new to help make the most of your experience at this incredible event. We’ve compiled some of the best tips and insider tricks to help you have an amazing experience at The Games this year.

Be Ready for the Heat

The Games take place in Carson, CA in late July. If you’ve ever been to Southern California in the summertime, you know that it can be quite hot and there’s typically very little chance of rain or clouds to provide relief from the heat. Make sure you come to The Games prepared to handle the heat. Wear sunscreen and bring lots and lots of extra sunscreen with you to reapply throughout the day. One application in the morning isn’t going to protect you when you’re sitting in an arena for hours.

Since we’re talking about the heat, make sure you stay hydrated. Bring a water bottle and make sure you’re sipping on that sucker throughout the day. If you’re enjoying libations, try to stick to the one water for every beer rule. Trust me, you’ll be happy you did. If you need relief from the heat, make sure you stop by the Zen Planner tent in Vendor Village. We’ll be handing out ice-cold ZP towels to cool you down and to provide a bit of relief from the blazing sun. Making sure you’re truly prepared for the summer heat will make your time at The Games much more enjoyable.

Come Hungry

There are many amazing food vendors at this event with plenty of paleo options. We highly recommend the bacon wrapped dates. What’s not to love about anything wrapped in bacon? We will warn you that the lines can get a bit long, but there are plenty of free samples throughout the grounds. Grab freebies along the way to avoid having hanger pangs hit around lunchtime. Be warned that some of the vendors only accept cash, so stop by an ATM before you arrive to ensure your options aren’t limited to vendors who accept cards.

You Can Be a Competitor Too

CrossFit Games 2014 wall ballThe CrossFit® Games host some of fittest, most amazing athletes in the world and they draw some pretty incredible spectator athletes as well. Since many of the attendees are also athletes, there are several fun athletic competitions throughout the weekend. In fact, we’ll be hosting a daily workout competition at our tent in Vendor Village. Each day we’ll have a fitness challenge – from the highest number of double-unders to the most unbroken pistols. Winners will get a chance to win a Hylete backpack. Several other tents will have similar competitions, so if you’re interested in competing for awesome prizes, make sure you’re dressed properly. Workout clothes will ensure you can compete. And no need to worry about being underdressed in your workout gear, you’ll fit right in wearing a racerback tank and Nanos. [clearfix]

Plan to Leave with Cool Gear

CrossFit Games 2014 GiveawaysWe can guarantee that your suitcase will be heavier when you’re heading home from The Games. From free giveaways, to competition prizes and cool gear, it is hard to leave this event empty handed. Therefore, we highly recommend using a big suitcase and leaving some extra room in it to bring your goodies home. From clothing and accessories to box equipment, you can get some amazing deals at the event. If you’re not ready to purchase something at The Games, ask the vendors if they will extend any of the promotions or if they will have any similar offers listed on their social media pages.

Want to get cool gear at a great price? Wait until the final day of the competition to make your purchase. Many vendors will heavily discount the remaining merchandise on the final day. Be sure to stop by the 511 booth; our team members have gotten some amazing products at incredible prices there in past years. [clearfix]

Have a Strategy to Get Autographs

You’ll have a chance to meet many of the top athletes at The Games, but we recommend that you have a strategy in place to do so. Several vendors will have meet and greets with various athletes. Ask around to see who will be where and most importantly, at what time. Make plans to arrive 10 minutes before a meet and greet to ensure you’ll be towards the beginning of the line. This will allow you to quickly get a photo, shake a hand and even leave with a signature. Walking around in search of meet and greets currently happening will leave you waiting in long lines and might cause you to miss other awesome events.

Final Random Tips

Like many other large sporting events, the event center staff will be checking bags at the entrance of the stadium. Want to get through the lines quicker? Leave the bag and purse at home. Since it’s hot, we recommend bringing a koozie to keep your beverages cool. You’ll be shaking a lot of hands over the weekend, so even if you aren’t a germaphobe, having easy access to hand sanitizer is definitely a good idea.

Remember, you’ve got a long weekend ahead of you, so make sure to pace yourself. You don’t need to do and see everything on the first day. Make plans, have a strategy and most importantly have fun!

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