Five Insider Tips for the Martial Arts SuperShow

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The Zen Planner team at last year’s MA SuperShow

The largest event for martial arts business owners, the Martial Arts SuperShow, is right around the corner. For three days, attendees will be completely immersed in seminars, gear, business opportunities and much more in the City of Lights. With so many options crammed into three short days, how can you get the most out of this year’s SuperShow?

1). Evaluate your school

Before you plan your convention itinerary, step back and look at the current needs of your school. You will be able inundated with business advice, the latest gear, school consultants, student management software and so much more. Remember to focus on your needs first, and create a strategy around those needs. Everything else at the event is a bonus to the problems you are finding solutions for.

2). Prioritize

Prior to the show, take a look at all the speakers and vendors present. Find the ones that matter most and plan your days around them. If you find yourself in a position where you must choose between a celebrity-lead training session or a business class you need, you should absolutely pick the class.


There’s a lot to learn at this year’s SuperShow. Check out the schedule beforehand to have a plan of action.

3). Be Prepared to Learn

This is the perfect event to learn how to improve and expand your school. The training schedule is packed with industry leaders ready to share their knowledge. Treat these classes as you would school. Be prepared to take notes, ask questions and have conversations on the topics learned with fellow attendees.

4). Network

Aside from the vendors and guest speakers, chances are you won’t be surrounded by this many school owners until the 2017 MA SuperShow. There will be everyone from school owners just opening doors to large experienced franchise owners all under one roof. Network with as many unique individuals as possible to get the most out of your experience.MASS01

5). Enjoy International Fight Week

After business is taken care of, remember that you are in Vegas. Aside from the SuperShow, the city is hosting UFC 200, various martial arts competitions and a handful of other exciting events. Take some time to enjoy yourself.


See you at the show!

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Chris Mierzwiak, Partnership Development Manager

Zen Planner

Since the first day Chris started training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, it has been the main focus in his life. He believes that martial arts training provides valuable skills that people can translate to any other area in life. His goal is to spread those experiences and lessons to as many people as possible.

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