Every fitness business owner and fitness business is unique.  Identifying which software has the right features for you can take some time.

But, the first step is figuring out if you are ready for membership management software. Our CEO, Jeff Gardner kicks off our NPE-sponsored webinar, “9 Critical Things You MUST Know before Buying Fitness Business Software,” with a series of questions to help you identify if your business is ready for software.

Do You Need Fitness Business Software?

Does it make sense for your fitness business?

About half of Zen Planner customers sign-up before they even open their doors, while the other half join at about the 25-member mark. At the 25-member mark, when utilizing a manual form of management (e.g., a spreadsheet), fitness business owners need to ask themselves “Am I making enough profits?” If you are not properly tracking memberships and taking payments, you are likely leaving money on the table unclaimed.

Are your clients requesting it?

Your members are actively online utilizing other self-serve websites and they expect the same level of service from your website. If you do not have the ability for members to schedule a class or make a payment online, and instead force your cleint to pick up the phone after trying to complete the action first on your website, they are 10% more likely to be disloyal to your gym or studio.

Do your competitors offer better service?

We know that 57% of non-chain fitness gyms use some sort of scheduling software. Similar to the above question, if your customers are coming from a competitor that utilizes fitness business software, they will expect that same level of service from you.

Are you growing your business?

Fitness businesses that use Zen Planner grow 88% annually. With the right features and customizations in place, fitness business management software give you the insights and resources necessary to begin growing your business.

You’re Ready for Software, Now What?

Now that you know you’re ready for fitness business management software, make sure you are asking the right questions to get the best software for your business. Jeff Gardner continues to share his knowledge of the fitness business industry as he empowers you with the “9 Critical Things You MUST Know Before Buying Fitness Business Software” webinar.