by CrossFit® photographer, Robbie Wright

A lot of sports are traditional and well known. CrossFit®, however, is a bit newer to the scene in most social circles. So when people see the workouts, they are usually intrigued and want to get in on some of that action. That’s where I come in. Capturing the pure essence of human strength and perseverance is my goal. So I’d like to share my top tips for getting better results in your athlete pictures.

1. Prime lenses, or those that aren’t telephoto or zooming are always best. I recently took pictures at the Southwest Regionals, for Backcountry CrossFit, and did not get approval for a press pass. This left me in a challenging situation because security was tight and the venue requested non-press pass holding photographers not use a big camera lens. But fortunately, by using my prime 50mm lens, I was able to capture crystal clear shots that were perfect for the inside environment.

2. The wider the opening in the space you’re photographing, the more light will be available for your cameras sensor. This helps when you’re making the decision to use a flash or not. As an example, the venue of the Southwest Regionals was large, so it provided enough light that I didn’t need to use a flash.

3. Know the movements the athletes will be doing are ahead of time. This gives you the advantage of knowing the peak times of each movement. For instance, you don’t want to take pictures of someone with weights on the floor. You want to capture the best action shot that conveys that particular moment in time.

Next article is post-processing and proper photo management. You want to print and share those pictures don’t you???? To see more of my photography:


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