Owning a business isn’t easy. You are managing a class schedule, developing your staff, maintaining the facility, paying bills, thinking about growth and you also have a personal life (hopefully) outside of the studio.

This isn’t news to you, you’re living it every day. However, zooming out and reviewing your time management skills may create more margin at the studio and at home.

Prepare for every day and establish routines.

It may sound obvious, but preparation is the key to successfully managing a busy schedule. Preparation isn’t just about preparing for a specific event or project. Preparation is about winning each day, knowing what lies ahead on your schedule and being highly organized. Of course, every day as a business owner presents a new challenge, but you can limit this challenge’s impact by having a disciplined daily routine.

Accept technology as an important element to your success.

Every person is faced with countless decisions on a daily basis, especially studio owners. Some of these decisions are subconsciously made and others require a little more energy. The turning point for many business owners is when they accept and implement technology solutions.

Simply put, there are daily decisions and tasks that you shouldn’t have to spend time and energy on. That’s where fitness business software comes into play, from class schedule management to automated communications. Time management is all about efficiency and making every second count. Automations for your studio and your personal life save you time, and time is the ultimate asset.

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Be willing to delegate and follow standard operating procedures.

Beyond your routine, another key to managing your time as a studio owner is ensuring your business has documented operating procedures. Introducing and adhering to a set of systems improves the member experience and the staff experience. By establishing a clear system for every aspect of your studio, you save your staff members time and you ultimately save yourself time and energy.

Furthermore, one of the most difficult parts of owning a rapid-growth studio is trusting staff and delegating tasks beyond instruction. By trusting your staff with new administrative duties, you not only create space on your calendar, but you also give your staff members a sense of ownership. Certain things, like website design and website management, should probably be outsourced to a trusted professional. Even if you are a web designer by training, as an example, your valuable time is better spent on member engagement and leading the strategic vision of your studio.

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