Get More Gym Members: How Our Team Found Their Gyms

zen planner crossfit

zen planner crossfit

As a gym owner you probably have 100 different ideas about how get more gym members. But which of them actually work? Out of an abundance of curiosity, I polled the Zen Planner staff to see how they found their gyms and what keeps them coming back. Read on for ideas you can implement in your own business.

Jeff Spagnola, Website Sales Specialist

Jeff found his CrossFit® box by word of mouth; a coworker recommended it so he stopped by. He stays for the people, the facility and its proximity to his house. Insider tip: do you have a referral program set up? Giving incentives for current members to bring their friends and coworkers is a fantastic (and inexpensive) way to grow your business!

Erin McMorrow, Customer Advocate

Erin started going to her gym because another Customer Advocate, Josh Kurtz, used to work there. “When I first started here I told Josh that I wanted to find somewhere I could bring (my daughter) Emmie, and he told me about Lifetime,” Erin says. “I loved the pools and the area for kids so it was a done deal for us. However, I also really like boot camps, and there is one opening next month for mommies that includes free daycare.” Insider tip: Erin brings up an excellent point – for parents, it’s far easier to get a workout in if your gym includes a daycare option, even at an additional cost to members. Do you offer a daycare option?

Drew Bower, Senior Software Sales Representative, and Liz DiMaria, Accountant & Recruiter

Drew and Liz found their gyms by Googling them. Insider tip: how’s your website? Do you have one? If potential members are looking for something you offer, will they be able to find you using a search engine?

Emily Jorgenson, Customer Engagement Manager

Emily joined her CrossFit® box after buying a Groupon deal to try them out. She’s stuck around because of the amazing community, and even coaches there now. Insider tip: Groupon is a great way to attract new members who may not find you in other ways, but make sure you’re following the guidelines to convert those leads before their deals expire.

Kimberly Gant, Product Analyst, and Skyler Newhart, Onboarding Coach

Kimberly and Skyler found their current gyms by driving past the location. Sometimes, regardless of how much online marketing you’re doing, a simple drive-by will bring in the most members. How does your business appeal to foot and car traffic? Are your signs and banners clear enough? If you’re in an urban area, consider posting a QR code on your door for more information for passers-by. Years ago I found my yoga studio because of the gigantic “ONE FREE WEEK!” banner above their front door.

Christian Kogler, Customer Advocate

Christian found his current gym on Instagram – yes, Instagram! He searched for the type of gym he wanted using hashtags and found one near his apartment. Insider tip: if Instagram marketing isn’t something you’ve considered, we have a number of great blog posts to get you started.

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