Setting Goals That Drive Growth

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group exercise instructor up close

group exercise instructor up close

As you move into the New Year, it’s likely you are using goals to increase the engagement of your members. Athletes at all levels achieve at a higher level when they set clear and measurable goals. This directly translates into higher rates of attendance, engagement and retention across your entire member base. There is a simple formula for achieving these goals: write them down, measure actual performance and review on a scheduled and regular basis.

The beginning of the year is also a great time to revisit and establish your business goals for 2015. As an entrepreneur, challenge yourself to be bold this year and set specific and fulfilling objectives. If you grew your revenue by 20% last year, what will it look like to grow by 50% this year? What will it take to get there? Start with the objective and then line up three to five key initiatives that you will deliver on for each objective. Select only the initiatives that will move the needle for the specific objective they support.

Here are a few examples:

revenue table to set goals

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