The Best Sales Technique for Fitness Businesses

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Read the best sales techniques for your fitness business

Read the best sales techniques for your fitness business

Our Sales Methodology

At Zen Planner, we follow what is known as the Sandler sales methodology. A company that has embraced the Sandler methodology is going to come across as the polar opposite of the stereotypical sales organization (i.e. pushy, self-centered, and overly aggressive).

Zen Planner’s goal as a company is to make fitness businesses wildly successful, to transform the hearts, minds and bodies of their communities. Thus, it is our job as a sales team to have conversations where we determine if Zen Planner can help you carry out that mission. This means if business owners are happy with their software we don’t push it. It means if we aren’t a good fit for your business, we’ll suggest that you consider a different software. It means we are honest and open about what we do well and where our services might fall short. It means if a software system isn’t in the budget we’ll postpone the conversation until it is.

How You Can Use the Sandler Methodology for Your Fitness Business

Zen Planner’s mission often mirrors that of our clients. Fitness studios open daily to help people get into shape, gain self-confidence and spread the mission of happiness through a fit lifestyle. Much like selling subscriptions to Zen Planner’s services, selling monthly memberships is often the byproduct of this greater mission to the community. You want to share a unique system that you’ve mastered over many years and have found incredibly valuable in your own life and the world is a better place because of that. But, your services might not be right for everyone and that’s okay. Try using a more ‘Sandler’ approach while selling your membership options:

1). Gain a clear understanding of what your client’s goals and wants are to determine where, if at all, your services might fit in.

2). Find out what their budget for a monthly membership is – it might make sense for them to purchase a punch pass rather than an unlimited membership.

3). Have honest conversations with your prospects about what they are expecting from a fitness studio – if they are in search of a strong community then a more open gym style facility might not be best for them.

4). Find out how often they plan to attend – does a 3 or 4 day a week membership make the most sense?

5). Lastly, train your staff and make sure everyone is on the same page.

Zen Planner focuses on selling to businesses that will benefit from our services. We’d much rather create a community of loyal and successful customers than a high volume of unhappy clients. The same goes for fitness studios. The goal is to bring members in through the doors, convert them to monthly paying members and generate loyalty. Retention and loyalty are gained through providing an awesome service and having honest conversations early on to ensure that your studio will fit the needs of your potential members.

To chat to one of our sales reps about how Zen Planner might benefit your business feel free to request a live demo or if you’d like to learn more about how we approach sales give our team a call at 866-541-3570.

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