Thinking of Changing Fitness Software?

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How to Know if it’s the Right Time to Switch

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Many of the fitness business owners we talk to ask us at some point, “How do I know when it is the ‘right’ time to move over to Zen Planner?” Since we hear this question a lot, I put together a list of questions that you should answer prior to making the move. Of course we are ready whenever you are, but since we take a ton of pride in clearly managing expectations, we want to make sure that it is a good time for you as well.

Q) I currently use another software but I’d like to move to Zen Planner. How will my member data be transferred?

A) Zen Planner has an Onboarding team who will help you transition your data. Whenever you sign up with Zen Planner you will be assigned to an Onboarding Coach who will help you transfer your data, but how easy is it?

Q) I want to transfer credit card information; will I be charged for that?

A) Zen Planner will not charge you to import your credit card information. However, if you are coming over from another system they may charge you to export credit card information. Depending on whom you currently use, this fee may be as high as $600.

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We realize this a big chunk of change for any business. Another thing you can do to avoid these types of fees is to run both systems in parallel while your members update their payment information themselves. As part of having them update their payment information, you can set up tools to prevent them from checking into class and/or send them emails reminding them to update their payment information.

Q) How quickly can I train my staff on how to use Zen Planner?

A) The short answer to this? Pretty damn fast. Each Onboarding session is recorded so that you can share it with your staff members. This means that you don’t have to coordinate varying schedules; you just need at least one staff member (preferably an owner, general manager or front desk representative) to attend the session. After that they can distribute the recordings to everyone on your team.

Q) Why would I even want to go through the effort to make a switch?

A) This is such great question with several answers, but realize I’m pretty biased. Here are a few of my favorite reasons I think you should make the switch:
1) Automate your business: Most of the customers we work with like free time, so how about giving yourself a little more of it? Automations in Zen Planner essentially give you your very own executive assistant.

acv report3) Customer service: Our customer service alone is enough to join Zen Planner. Zen Planner’s Onboarding and Customer Advocate teams are dedicated to the success of your business. These folks actively participate in CrossFit®, martial arts, yoga and general fitness. Not only are they experts on the software, but they have context of industry best practices.

4) Workout Tracking: Zen Planner just did a massive revamp on our Workout Tracking tool that makes it incredibly easy for you to program workouts and for your members to keep track of their progress.

sliding card using zen planner5) The Staff App: Remember how much we decided we like free time? How about an App that allows your staff to check members in, signup for a membership or buy retail store items.

6) Billing: I’m going to guess that since you like time you may be a fan of money. Accurate? Good, me too. Zen Planner does an awesome job of making sure your business can run payments automatically so you don’t have to hunt them down each month. After all, getting paid is essential.

infusion soft logo7) Infusionsoft: you might be at the stage of evolution where you’re ready for robust email marketing tools. How about a system that communicates directly with the one of the best email marketing resource on the market? Zen Planner now speaks Infusionsoft and allows you to sync your prospects and members directly into email campaigns automatically.

If this blog left you feeling excited about all the limitless possibilities Zen Planner unlocks for your business but you’re still unsure on timelines logistics of switching, schedule your one-on-one live demo with one of our software specialists.

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