Six-Pack Ads: How Your Fitness Business Can Optimize Conversions

six pack ads

six pack ads

Let’s face it, anyone who isn’t already making efforts to get fitter and healthier is probably considering it. There’s a huge market out there for your business, but how can you maximize your sales potential by turning all that wishful thinking into taking action?

In reality, joining a gym, CrossFit box or any other training program can be as intimidating as it is appealing. Beginners are often put off by the very factors that ought to motivate them, such as training among members who are already fit. Additionally, your services can’t compete with a jog around the park if the benefits aren’t crystal clear.

Advertising is the skeleton of your marketing campaign, but you’ll need to build some serious muscle around it if you really want to make an impact. Here are eight ways to start optimizing your conversion rate:

1. Hit ‘em where it hurts

Target your customer’s pain point. Of course they want to be healthier but why? To live longer? To live better, perhaps? Maybe they want to look good to attract the opposite sex, or perhaps they’re just undisciplined and know they could benefit from a personal trainer.

Few things sell a product or service faster than alleviating pain or stress, but selling fitness puts you at a unique disadvantage — replacing one form of pain with another. Do your research. Your customers know they’re not paying for a quick fix, so what else can you offer?

2. Make referrals reliable

Referrals have the potential to be your most effective conversion technique. Customer satisfaction is key to growing a business, but word-of-mouth needn’t come just from current clients.

Physicians and other health professionals can also help drive customers, so put in the time to network. You might also want to offer free memberships or rewards to certain “ambassadors,” especially if they have a considerable following established online.

3. Offer free trials

Most customers will be hesitant to hand over any money before minimizing the risk of their purchase. Free trials are an extremely effective way to convert sales, as well as capture leads to target future promotions at.

Discounts and gift cards work too, and, as well as enticing new customers, can be offered as rewards to motivate referrals. You might also consider offering them to other businesses and organizations to share with their employees and/or customers as perks and prizes!

4. Embrace the omnichannel experience

The omnichannel experience, if you don’t already know, is the journey a consumer takes across both online and offline channels. In the midst of the mobile revolution, it is becoming an increasingly important conversion tool.

There are several facets of the omnichannel experience to exploit. Most critically, make sure you’re easy to find online with a social media presence and mobile-friendly website. Don’t neglect customer satisfaction, or you’ll face being decimated in online reviews.

You can also make use of QR codes and in-store vouchers to make taking action upon advertising more direct and immediate. You could even drive member engagement with workout tracking.

5. Promotional fitness programs

Not everyone wants a stomach they could scrub stains out of a shirt with. Providing a welcoming atmosphere for guests of all fitness levels should form the foundation of any campaign.

Introductory offers focused on dropping a jeans size for summer or everyday wellbeing have a broad demographic appeal. You could also take advantage of peak seasons (New Years!) and local fitness initiatives, corporate charity weight-loss drives, or upcoming sports events such as fun-runs and marathons.

6. Flaunt your success stories

Don’t forget that physical results are the bedrock of your business. Whether you use customer quotes or display a Wall of Fame on your premises, don’t be modest about what your services can achieve!

Credited: Nick Rojas

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