Tips for Helping Your Box Get the Most Out of The Open

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front squat and handstands

front squat and handstands

Last week, we discussed seven ways you can use The Open to build a stronger community at your box. Community isn’t the only thing that is benefited by encouraging your members to participate in The Open. You can also use this exciting season to help your members grow as athletes and bring in some additional revenue. Here’s how.

Help Athletes to Achieve Short-Term and Long-Term Goals

goals for the open

As a coach, you know your members’ goals. If not, use The Open as an opportunity to take inventory of both short and long-term goals. Post them somewhere public to promote accountability. If an athlete is shy and doesn’t want their goals posted for the world to see, create a system between him/her and your coaches to maintain accountability and confidentiality.


If an athlete’s goal is movement-specific like learning kipping pullups or getting their first muscle-up, work with them and use the momentum from The Open to encourage them to track their progress. They can track their progress in the Member App with the new “Custom Results” feature.

mobile custom result


Create a plan with them to check-in and reevaluate progress. Make a plan to touch base periodically through the year and check-in again during Open season next year to see how they have grown.

Celebrate Goals Reached

Every time your member meets a goal during The Open – (how many people get their first BMU in 16.3? – I sure did!), make a big deal! Purchase a special PR Gong just for The Open; CrossFitters are weird – embrace it! For an extra incentive, reward members with a prize like a recovery drink or t-shirt when they hit a PR.

Net Some Mula

The Open is an exhausting time of year for affiliate owners and staff – make sure you are reaping what you sow financially as well as building stronger community and better athletes. Use the momentum from The Open to bring in some extra cash for your box. Suggestions to make money during Open season include:

  • Host skill sessions leading up to The Open that cover difficult movements, such as a gymnastics session (cover handstand push-ups, muscle-ups, handstand walks, ring-dips) or Olympic weightlifting session (cover snatches, OHS, cleans)
  • Sell Open t-shirts, headbands or water bottles
  • Find local sponsors for each week’s event from local businesses that support your athletes
  • Provide special nutritional consultation during the six-weeks of The Open
  • Before and during the Open, sell personal training sessions to help athletes with specific movements that are sure to show up (toes-to-bar, muscle-ups, handstand pushups, etc.)

Bottom line – use The Open to further grow your community. Use it to empower your athletes to identify and attain their goals. And while you’re at it, bring in some extra revenue. If you have any suggestions on how you’ve used the momentum generated from The Open, let us know by commenting below!

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