Why Not Now? Three Reasons You Should Implement Membership Management Software Before the New Year

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new year cheers

new year cheersIt is that time of year again. The holiday season will soon be over, leaving many ready to make New Year’s resolutions to pursue healthier lifestyles and lose those pesky pounds that have somehow appeared over the past year. January, which is the equivalent of Black Friday for gyms, is just around the corner.

Knowing the upcoming month is going to be busy, it is easy to start identifying certain tasks that can be pushed to handle the influx of new business. If there is one thing that should not be pushed, it is implementing membership management software for your gym. This is something you have likely been thinking about doing for awhile, so here are the top reasons why you shouldn’t delay it any longer.

partner exercising You’ll Have More Time to Spend with New Members

According to the International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association, more than 12% of new gym members join in January, meaning your gym is soon to experience a significant rush. One of the main reasons for implementing fitness management software for your gym, studio or box is to give you back more time. Zen Planner’s clients report they save at least 10% of their time previously spent on backend administrative tasks.

Use these remaining days before the New Year to research, demo and implement a membership management solution so you can start the New Year with some extra time on your hands. This extra time can be spent building lasting relationships with your new members, or hosting more one-on-one skill sessions. January is going to be incredibly busy, so doesn’t it make sense to take advantage of every opportunity you can to save time?

Keeping Track of New Members Will Become More Manageable

Many people make resolutions, but sticking with them can be another story . According to research from the University of Scranton, only 64% of resolutions last longer than one month. Seeing an influx in new members in January is great, but losing tabs on these individuals a couple months down the road can pose big issues.

With a membership management tool, you can easily keep track of your new members with little manual effort. Setup automated emails to follow-up with members who have been absent for a few weeks, and constantly stay on top of your active member stats with easy-to-use dashboards. For more tips on how to keep your new members coming back, be sure to check out our recent blog post highlighting tips for member retention.

You Can Start Out the New Year Fresh

On the topic of New Year’s resolutions, have you made your own resolutions yet? Based on research from the University of Scranton, “getting organized” was the second most-common resolution last year. If you have been using several different methods to keep track of your members, financials and schedules, make it your resolution to implement an all-in-one tool that will help your gym become more organized. Remember, procrastination will only create unnecessary stress in the future.

Going back to the initial question, if you have been thinking about using a fitness management tool for your gym or studio, why not get started on implementing it now? There’s over a week left in December, and it’s not too late to get this solution in place before the New Year. If you’re ready to start the New Year off right, sign up for a live demo of our software.

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