3 Simple Ways to Make New Members Feel Welcome

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It’s now 2018, and your gym is likely filled with new faces, as this is a common occurrence for fitness businesses in January. People make resolutions to get back in shape, eat healthier and try a new form of exercise. This is great for fitness business owners, like you, as it is a chance to gain more business.

There is however a draw back… All these new faces! The trick is making each and every new member feel welcome. Starting out at a new gym, studio or school can be nerve wracking. Here are some helpful tips to make people feel welcome and included in your amazing community.

1). Make a point to talk to them

No one wants to be ignored when walking into an unfamiliar setting. This is your opportunity to reach out. Introduce yourself, ask them what brought them in and if they had a good holiday. This simple interaction can have a huge impact.

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This is also a great chance to schedule a short consultation to get a better idea of their fitness experience and fitness goals. This is the first time you get to show them what your business is all about. After all, a first impression will have a significant impact on your ongoing relationship, so make sure it’s a positive one from the first time they check in with your gym membership software.

2). Check in

Once class is over, make an effort to touch base with your new members and ask what they thought. Acknowledge something positive that they did during the class. “I was really impressed with your ability to jump right in.” If they seem to be happy with the class (which of course they will be!), be sure to walk them through your schedule, highlighting the different classes you offer. If you have a Gym App, be sure to show them how to download it and reserve their spot in upcoming classes.

3). Put together a ‘Welcome Bag’

Everyone likes a nice souvenir. This is way to show your investment in new members and to help your business standout from competition. This can be as simple or complex as you’d like. Water, protein bar, sample sized protein powder, a sticker with your business’ logo, etc.

Not looking to spend money? How about a motivational quote, or a handout as to what differentiates your training program and business from others? This is where you would talk about the identity of your business. What happens when people join your facility? Do they join a community, family or tribe? Let this be known to prospects. Think about including some testimonials of current members. These things will show that you have gone the extra mile to earn their business.

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