3 Bits of Advice for When Your Gym’s Instagram Posts Suck

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You know that feeling you get after posting a photo to Instagram and no one “likes” it? It’s akin to making a joke and no one laughs. Or getting ignored by your friends.

Well, great news. You don’t have to feel that way anymore. With just a little attention to Instagram Insights, you can make sure that your gym’s posts get the engagement you’re hoping for.

Instagram Insights collects data about your account such as the times your followers are most active, age ranges, location, gender and top performing posts. All of these elements can help you create and post relevant content that drives engagement with your brand.

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Here are a few tips for taking advantage of your Insights to increase engagement with your followers.

1. Post When Your Followers are Most Active

Marketing 101 tells us to send out messages when people are looking. If you post haphazardly (without spending money to boost), chances are that your post will get lost in the sea of content. By looking at your Insights, you can find out what times and days your followers are most active. When you know they’re looking, post your content. You’ll be amazed at the difference it will make in your post engagement.

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2. Tailor Content for the Right Demographic

The key to getting better engagement with your content is making sure it’s relevant to your followers. Instagram Insights will show you your follower’s demographics (age, location and gender), which is valuable data to keep in mind when creating content.

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If your follower base is primarily women, then tailor your content to suit feminine interests. Since you’re a gym, your followers are most likely members and friends of members. We suggest posting photos and videos of your members hitting PR goals, losing weight or doing something super-human. People love to see photos of themselves, no matter what age or gender.

3. Investigate Previous Content

Learning from your own content’s success or failure is a great way to determine new content. By looking at your top-performing posts in Instagram Insights, you can quickly gauge which content performed best and worst. If a previous post got great engagement, then create similar content. If a previous post did poorly, then don’t waste time creating that content again. Over time, you’ll notice trends, which will guide your content creation.

Don’t make the mistake of overlooking Instagram Insights! They contain valuable information that will help you increase engagement with your fitness brand. Just remember that the more you post, the more information you’ll be able to gather, and the more engagement you’ll get on Instagram.

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Guest Post Written by Sara Werner, Causely

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