3 Simple Ways to Move Your Members to ACH

Gabe at computer blue

Gabe at computer blue

Payment processing is a complicated topic for business owners because there are a myriad of details that contribute to what percentage your business is charged for each transaction. At Zen Planner we want to help our clients’ businesses grow, and one way to do that is by providing guidance on how to save money on payment processing.

In case you missed it, we wrote a post last year on how to Increase Your Gym’s Monthly Profit With ACH. We are back for round two with a few fun ways to incentivize your members to sign up for ACH, which will ultimately save your business a lot of money.

1). Set goals and incentivize members to help reach them

Do the calculations on how much money your business will save each month by having various percentages of your members on ACH. Then, set a goal for your business to move a specific percentage of your member base over to ACH. Be sure to post your goal somewhere in the gym for all of your members to see to help keep the goal top of mind for everyone.

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To entice members to make the switch, offer an incentive for reaching that goal! The incentive will be a one time cost for you, but moving your members to ACH will have a significant long term benefit for your business. For example: If we have 75% of members sign up for ACH, we will:

  • buy new equipment with the money saved
  • give every member one free day pass for a friend
  • throw a members-only party
  • make a donation to a local nonprofit

2). Write a blog post

This is an incredibly easy way to inform your members about what ACH is and how it can help your business. If you’re planning to implement our first recommendation, be sure to include the details about how many members you’re trying to move over and what these members will receive by making the move.

You can also create a call-to-action (CTA) for members to sign up for ACH by providing a link directing them to login to their account. Provide as much information as possible, including screenshots of how to add their ACH information within their Zen Planner account. Plus, writing blog posts regularly can help your search engine rankings, so why wouldn’t you blog?!

3). Offer free swag

Just like in our first example, present your members with real numbers. Calculate how much money each individual will save the business by moving over to ACH. Award each member that moves over with an item of free swag, like a keychain, water bottle, t-shirt, etc. This option provides an instant reward to those who switch, and let’s be honest, everyone loves free swag!

No matter what approach you take, show your members how much money they can help your business save. Do real calculations and present real numbers, so they understand the impact they can make. You’ve built an incredible community. If your valued members know they can make a significant impact on your business by paying through their bank account, that simply might be all it takes to get them to make the switch.

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