Using Your Business to Change Your Community

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Giving back to the community

Giving back to the community

Let me start by saying the fact that you operate a fitness or martial arts program within your community means you are bringing incredible benefits to the lives of those you train. I can’t quantify the gift of fitness and health my trainers have shared with me over the years and it’s hard to describe the pride I had in receiving my blue belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu but those things have been a tangible and lasting blessing on my life. Each of our communities have real and unique needs that don’t organically solve themselves in the form of fitness or the martial arts. So what can you, as an integral part of your community, do to help?

First, figure out what issues are prevalent in your area. Is there a particularly low-income area near your business? Is there a school nearby that doesn’t have funding or facilities for a quality gym class or sports program? Maybe there is a park that needs some beautifying?

Secondly, think about what makes your heart tick. Choose a cause you are passionate about; you will always put more effort into something that tugs on your heartstrings.

Now that you have looked at the issues facing your community and chosen one to champion, consider how your business, your members and your skill set can be used to make a difference. Do you want to plan a large one-time event or an ongoing service? Make sure to talk to any local non-profits or agencies that are already working on the particular problem. Ask what they think could be the most beneficial use of your unique resources and consider supporting them in their projects.

Community Days at Zen PlannerGet your members involved! Service projects are not only beneficial in solving an issue but also in growing self worth in those serving! I can’t tell you how many times I have arrived to serve completely exhausted and left revitalized and excited after an amazing experience of serving those in need. It is good for us to serve others so offering this to your members will add value to their lives too.

Here are some ideas for giving back.

Fund Raising

Create a workout, which requires a lot of reps and have members raise money from their social network for each rep they complete.

Low Income Community

Start a weekly after-school class in an area and have it run by different members from your gym or school. Ask your members if they know a member of the community who might be in need of help painting their home or help on their property and organize your members to work on that house one weekend.

Local Park

If prettying up a local park, create a workout lugging bags of mulch or mixing cement and make the event fun for your members!

Social Night

Have a weekly or monthly time when local non-profits or organizations can bring their kids or clients to your facility to train!

As a business owner, you are inherently busy but serving your community in creative ways is a great way to keep members engaged, get your business’s name out in the community and make a real difference! You can even use Events in Zen Planner to get people signed up for your project.

Keep Making a Difference!

Getting your members involved in community service projects can be a great way to help them feel like they’re part of something bigger at your gym. If you’re looking for additional ways to keep your members engaged and active in your community, download our free guide, 7 Essential Strategies for Member Retention.

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