Fitness Business Lessons from Zen Planner Customers

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We think our customers are amazing. Our community of health and fitness fanatics is constantly coming up with new and innovative ways to use Zen Planner’s fitness business software. In addition, they are doing everything and anything to nurture the businesses they worked so hard to create. As a follow up to my last blog post on fitness business management tips, I thought I’d share additional tips from our fabulous Zen Planner customers.

milk-carton-missingMake Sure Your Clients Know You Care

This seems really obvious. If someone is trusting in you to transform their body, help them get healthier or improve their current fitness, that person has to know that you care. At my local CrossFit, Pando CrossFit & Yoga, the owner Stacy is often found doing reps beside folks struggling to finish a WOD. As a client, I love and appreciate that encouragement.

At 181 Fitness, owner Cody Bishop cheers on his clients, but he also takes their attendance at classes to another level. Miss a class for a week? Your photo will grace the famous “milk carton” wall and you’ll be labeled as “Missing.” If you don’t attend class for a month, your photo then moves to a keg. Clients need to work their way off the wall by heading back to class.

Any clients who haven’t been in for a while, also receives a personal follow up call from Cody. When I visited, his clients couldn’t hold back their enthusiasm for 181 Fitness and insisted on recording their own video testimonial that could have been called “Why We Love 181 Fitness.” Check out just a sampling of the client testimonials.

Welcome New Members in Special Way

I recently visited Boston and stopped in for a workout at the Swamp in Swampscott, MA. I was stunned when the coach asked the 50+ folks there that morning to introduce themselves to me…and everyone did! I felt immediately welcome and vowed to return the next time I’m in Boston.

Zen Planner customer, CrossFit LA, does so many things right that it is hard to pick just one. From when you first check out their website, their mission and values clear. “CrossFit Los Angeles is about balanced, long-term, sustainable training so you can enjoy the highest quality of life. We believe in integrity of movement and of self. We believe in our community and having fun.”
In addition, when you start, your photo is added to the “wall of fame” otherwise known as “new members” with everyone’s photo. What better feel a part of a particular CrossFit community than to be greeted with your own picture?

These are just a few tips to help you differentiate your fitness business. Interested in getting additional ideas to further differentiate your business and keep your members coming back? From providing stellar customer service to actively tracking member progress, our Member Retention webinar features easy to implement tips that will help increase member loyalty. Watch it for free today!
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