Must-Read Blogs for Fitness Entrepreneurs

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Must read blogs for fitness entrepreneurs.

As a fitness entrepreneur, you must be a triple threat. In order to succeed you must master fitness, as well as business and entrepreneurship. But mastery does not happen overnight. While learning all the information you need to be a successful business owner might seem daunting, reading blogs is a quick way that you can integrate learning into your daily routine.

The world of blogging is growing every second, and sifting through potentially revolutionary blogs is a difficult task. To help you out, we have outlined our favorite blogs that every fitness entrepreneur should read.

1. Buffer

The Buffer blog, is full of insights.

Buffer is a social media content planning and tracking system. Though its blog posts are marketing heavy, Buffer offers insight into design, online marketing and social media.

Why Buffer? Buffer is the go-to blog to stay on top of digital trends to help market and grow your business. Be sure to check out their Social Media Trends Report.

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2.Harvard Business Review

Harvard Business Review leverages business insights and expertise to help its readers achieve success. Plus its popularity and notoriety help it attract excellent writers and experts that cover a variety of interesting topics.

Why Harvard Business Review? As you build your business, you’ll find value in advice given by people who have found success in their field. We highly recommend reading the article, 3 Things Employees Really Want: Career, Community, Cause from the team at Facebook.

3. HubSpot

Hubspot Blog

HubSpot is a marketing software that is designed to fuel growth and build relationships with both prospects and current customers. HubSpot runs three incredible blogs, covering the topics of marketing, sales and customer success, that are beneficial to all business owners, no matter what industry you’re in.

Why HubSpot? HubSpot’s posts cover a vast variety of topics, from recording a professional voicemail greeting to dealing with difficult customers. Plus, each post contains callout telling you how long it will take to read the article, which is great for time-strapped fitness business owners.

4. Small Business Brief

Small Business Brief aggregates information on all aspects of running a small business in one convenient place. You can search by “type of small business” or more generally, “small business tips”.

Why Small Business Brief? While you may be a fitness expert, there are elements of owning your own business that will be entirely foreign. To get started, we recommend checking out the article, 10 Types of Insurance Plans Your Small Business Needs.

5. Smart Hustle

Smart Hustle is full of inspiring entrepreneurial stories.

While Smart Hustle is more of an online magazine than a blog, its amazing content warrants a spot on this list. Smart Hustle’s vision is to become the community for small business entrepreneurial success, by sharing stories of overcoming scare resources, setbacks and other obstacles that small business owners just like you face each day.

Why Smart Hustle? Smart Hustle does a great job of addressing all aspects of owning a small business. From improving communication to managing cash flow, you’ll likely benefit from the majority of articles on their site.

Bonus: Zen Planner’s Blog

We’re going to have to put a shameless plug in here and recommend that you bookmark, or subscribe to our blog whether you’re thinking about opening a fitness business one day or currently own one now.

Why Zen Planner? We cover a variety topics all relevant to fitness business owners. From retention and customer service to marketing and referral programs, our content is focused on making fitness businesses wildly successful.

The traditional notion of needing to dedicate hours to a book in order to master a subject is dying fast. Quality blogs are quickly becoming a top source of information and insight as people seek to master new skills. So bookmark these blogs and set aside time each week to catch up on the latest articles!

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