Automations Will Improve Your Customer Service

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By setting up an automation in your membership management software to trigger when a student reaches “x amount of days since their last attendance,” you have the opportunity to personally connect with your student at a critical time. Maybe they need support or encouragement, or maybe it’s a swift dose of motivation. Either way, you could diminish your member churn and win a life-long fan in the process.

To send out an email to a student if they have not attended class in x amount of days, setup a People automation with the following criteria:

  1. Status is: Student
  2. Send this automation: X days after Last Attendance
  3. Skip
  4. Create a New Template
  5. Name, Categorize, and click Save Changes which will then bring up the template in which you can setup your email that the student receives.

Also, in Zen Planner, you can set up a task to remind an instructor to send out a personal email after a new student has completed their first class. Special points of connection like that wow your members and win you many referrals. You can set this task reminder by setting up a people automation.

To send an email to a student after their first attendance at the studio/box, you’ll want to setup a ‘People’ automation. To do this, click on your Setup button in your database and then click on ‘Automations’. Add a People automation with the following parameters:

  1. Status is Student
  2. Send this automation: 0 days After First Attendance
  3. Skip
  4. Create New Template
  5. Save Changes to proceed to document template where you can create the email

In the document template, you can click on different {tags} so information referencing the student that triggered the automation is populated, which gives the email a more personal touch. After you click Save Changes in the document template, you’re automation is good to go!

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